The Flash: So Long and Goodnight review S6 E16

It’s crazy how one of The Flash’s best villains isn’t Mirror Master or Captain Cold or Captain Boomerang. Nope it’s Rag Doll. On So Long and Goodnight, the evil contortionist once again makes for a terrifying and fun foil for Team Flash.

And maybe not so surprisingly with the emphasis not on the mirror verse characters, this was one of the stronger post-Crisis episodes.

But first, let’s deal with the quick Mirror Verse moment. Iris tells Eva that Barry is The Flash. Ah, pillow talk and secret identities are no longer sacred anymore, huh? Eva wants Mirror Iris to drain the rest of The Flash’s powers. Pretty sure that only works with boxers, Eva.

the flash - so long and goodnight review - rag doll

Carver meanwhile sends a new hitman after Joe. The delayed reveal pays off with Rag Doll’s return. He’s always been a creepy villain and this time he’s even more effective.

While it’s been discussed enough this episode made the most of Barry’s dwindling powers as he could only stop two of the three bullets from hitting Joe. Good thing the third was just a flesh wound. Maybe Joe should take Singh’s advice to go into witness protection?

Joe confronts Carver, who quickly threatens Cecile. C’mon Joe you don’t show that you recorded what someone said!

the flash - so long and goodnight review - cecile and joe

Allegra and Nash finally talk. It doesn’t end well, but they can’t dwell on it long as Rag Doll attacks them and kidnaps Cecile. Barry races off to help Joe save her, but isn’t fast enough to get Joe freed from a pressure bomb. Good thing Joe is able to disarm it himself. I loved this as it reinforces Barry might be willing but he’s not able to get it done as The Flash much longer.


This is enough to convince Joe he needs to go into witness protection. It’s weird that we see Singh now more than when he was the police chief. Ahhh, he’s been mirrored by Eva! That explains why he’s been around so much.

Ralph gets Cisco’s help to hack a security system to track down Sue. This subplot is kinda weird as it gets a lot of time in the first half of the episode then gets shelved on the back end. Ralph ends up having an actual heart to heart with Sue that teases they could get together.

the flash - so long and goodnight review - sue and ralph

I liked this encounter a lot more than Sue’s introduction as that felt like the writers were going out of their way to make Sue different than her comic book characterization. Like a comic book subplot, this Ralph/Sue storyline got some more development just to remind us it’s still important. I’m digging this approach.

Mirror Iris tries to drain Barry’s remaining speed force by kicking him out. This really should raise some red flags for Barry as Iris just never acts that cruel and mean to him. Next week’s teaser indicates Barry does finally get clued in, which should help this Mirror Verse arc a lot.

the flash - so long and goodnight review - joe, the flash and cecile

The Flash was dragging a little, but this episode did a ton to help get things back on track. It’s impressive how the season really embodies the spirit of a comic book. That is a very good thing.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW