Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Rhino figure review

Look at me it’s 2020 and I’m knocking out a ridiculously old Marvel Legends BAF review. On the plus side, my Marvel Legends to review is now under 25….just in time for the next two waves to arrive in the next few weeks. Today, I’m looking at the Build-A-Figure Rhino, a BAF before Hasbro had a consistent package setup for its Marvel Legends revival. I’ve long had the Toy Biz version standing in so let’s see if this is a significant upgrade.

Packaging:  Nothing in this category of course. It would be cool if Hasbro just randomly wrote a bio on the main package for the BAF.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - wide shot

Likeness:  What immediately stands out is how much bigger the BAF version is compared to the Toy Biz Fearsome Foes set Rhino. He definitely looks more imposing next to the standard Spider-Man figure. This figure pre-dated the BAF Abomination from the Civil War wave/SDCC Comic Con exclusive, but some of the sculpted elements seem to be with him in mind more than Rhino.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - next to toy biz rhino

The Toy Biz figure takes the edge in terms of unique sculpting. I love the more Rhino like etchings and lining compared to Hasbro’s, which has more detail, but looks like Rhino has a skin condition. Also bonus points to Toy Biz for sculpting the eyes on the side of Rhino’s cowl. It’s a goofy aesthetic, but it adds to the Rhino vibe.  I love the wild man head sculpt and the crazed expression. This works for a guy known for charging headfirst into his opponents.


Scale:  Rhino is much taller and wider than Spider-Man. He’s smaller than the 80th anniversary Hulk, which seems about right.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - scale with spider-man and the hulk

Paint:  The paintwork is pretty good. Rhino has a dirty brown wash to help bring out all the detail. Rhino’s outfit isn’t the most colorful, but it should stand out against Spider-Man’s more colorful Rogues.


The work on his head sculpt is almost perfect save the lining of the cowl’s right side and the left eye iris painted just slightly higher. I prefer the gradient paintwork on the Toy Biz’s Rhino horn.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - head close up

Articulation:  Rhino is oh so close to being terrific on this measure. He definitely has a better articulation flow than the Toy Biz counterpart being able to crunch down very low for effective charging poses.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - going after the hulk

I wish the arms were a tad longer and had double-jointed elbows for better looking punches. The head doesn’t have separate articulation from the neck and only moves slightly left or right. But since the basic articulation allows for Rhino’s primary attack mode, I won’t complain too much this time.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review -punching the hulk

His center of balance is strong enough that he can stand on one leg, which should make for some really fun action poses.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - vs spider-man

Rhino has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees
  • ankles
  • tail

Accessories:  I resisted the urge to mention this earlier, but Rhino comes with two/three accessories. First is a pair of shoulder pads that capture a little more of his armored up look. They attach easily to the holes on the bicep and Hasbro wisely set them up so they naturally lift up when you raise the arm higher so as not to interfere with the articulation.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - alternate head sculpt

Additionally, he comes with an alternate head sculpt with a mask covering his eyes. I like this expression too. I’ve read some collectors have had trouble swapping the heads off, but mine popped back and forth with no issue.

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - with sinister syndicate

Worth it?  This wave ran you $120 so assuming you wanted most of what was a pretty strong wave, Rhino was a nice freebie.  A few years later you can buy the figure for a slight $60 markup, which isn’t awful.

Rating: 9 out of 10

marvel legends build-a-figure rhino figure review - raging out

Where to get it?  You can find completed BAF auctions on eBay.