DC Comics reviews 5/5-20 – Hawkman #23, The Flash #753, Green Lantern #3

Batman and The Outsiders #12

Batman and the outsiders #12

Batman and his Outsiders are back on the same page, just in time for what they assume will be their final confrontation with Ra’s al Ghul. But with Ra’s in possession of a deadly new weapon capable of leveling cities in an instant will this confrontation prove fatal?

While the battle with Ra’s has felt somewhat drawn out, writer Bryan Edward Hill has done an outstanding job developing the team chemistry. The character interaction is the major selling point of the comic equivalent of the calm before the storm. DC has a slew of team books, but the character dynamic here still is engaging and wide open for further developments. Everything doesn’t feel so etched in stone allowing characters to behave in unexpected manners, including Batman.

Dexter Soy’s artwork is moody and dramatic, but it never feels like it’s working against the story. Soy’s characters might be intense although it’s in function with the particular moment of the issue and works. Veronica Gandini’s colors remain an ideal complement with striking blacks, reds and gradient mixes throughout.

Next issue seems poised to actually deliver on The Outsiders’ clash with Ra’s, but this was a solid build-up to conclusion of the series’ first major arc.

Rating: 8 out of 10