DC Comics reviews 5/5-20 – Hawkman #23, The Flash #753, Green Lantern #3

Hawkman #23

hawkman #23

Flashing back to some of Carter Hall’s previous lives was easily the smartest and most creative storytelling device writer Robert Venditti came up with for this Hawkman run. It allows him the ability to spend a random issue exploring the basic similarities and stark differences of Carter’s core path through his lives.

This issue looks at Carter in 1650 as he’s surveying the damages wrought by a plague. With an eerie plague mask and attire this is one of the more striking variant Hawkman looks shown so far in the series. Venditti examines how lonely this path of reincarnation was for Carter and why Hawkwoman was so important.

Hawkwoman is back as a co-starring character in the book and Venditti doesn’t drag out his thoughts on their relationship status. Geoff Johns did a fantastic job of creating doubt that the two should be together in every life and Venditti smartly doesn’t try to replay that out. Besides, DC could use more superhero couples than actually want to be together.

Fernando Pasarin only does the framing sequences for this issue while Marcio Takara handles the bulk of the artwork. Flashbacks always make the most sense for multiple artists and it helps distinguish the two timeframes easily. Takara has a style that works well for these variant Hawkmen so hopefully this isn’t the last we see of his work on the book.

While this wasn’t the most eventful issue, the confident flow of the story and strong art make this another installment of Hawkman easily worth checking out.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10