Batsh*t Bride movie review

Batsh*t Bride is one of those films that has a killer premise and knows exactly what to do with it resulting in a surprisingly fun wedding theme comedy.

Uptight control freak Heather (Meghan Falcone, Foursome) has always thrived as an event planner even if it doesn’t make her the most pleasant to be around. That hasn’t changed at all now that she’s planning her own wedding. Heather is running her wedding party ragged with her minute by minute itinerary even seizing control of her bachelorette party to ensure it’s a success.

Exhausted with her demands, Heather’s bridesmaids challenge her to unwind a bit and let her hair down long enough to celebrate April Fool’s Day. To prove she’s not a prude, Heather decides she’ll prank her fiance, Bryce (Josh Covitt), and tell him she doesn’t think they should get married. The joke’s on Heather as Bryce is relieved to hear the news and happily agrees they should break up.

bats*t bride review - bryce

With days before her big day, Heather has to somehow keep her wedding plans on track as her relatives arrive in town and convince Bryce they really are meant to be together.

It’s clear the budget for the film isn’t massive. Set lighting is dark in some scenes, there’s some obvious green screen shots and some of the supporting cast isn’t all that convincing. Director/Writer Jonathan Smith (The Worst Year of My Life) makes a few missteps like Heather’s twitchy friend Gretchen’s (Kayla Conroy) distracting odd subplot and the random inclusion of a black drag queen named Pandora (Thee Suburbia), who becomes a recurring character.

bats*t bride review - heather and her bridesmaids

That doesn’t matter as Falcone provides a whirlwind performance that just washes away most of the film’s deficiencies. Falcone has been in random TV shows including The Joe Schmo Show, but she thrives in the spotlight with a character she truly gets immediately. It’s not so much a scenario where Falcone is the only enjoyable presence in the film so much as she dramatically enhances every scene with her timing and line delivery. I’d love to see Falcone in more roles that take advantage of her comedic skills.


If anything Smith might have been too quick to begin Heather’s revelatory redemptive moment as the film is truly at its best with Heather spiraling out. Heather had gone over the top in pushing Maria’s (Allison Lopez) wedding to the back burner from outbidding her on the wedding dress, reception space and flowers.

With an 81-minute run time, Smith probably didn’t need to devote the second half of the film to Heather making her apology and making good rounds. Especially when Falcone was such a blast as the delusional bride.

bats*t bride review - heather and paul

Jonny Svarzbein is entertaining as Heather’s gay friend Paul and Wanda Nobles Colon is funny as Maria’s overprotective mother.

While the script isn’t flawless, when Smith is on, the comedy is pretty inspired with some legit very funny moments. It’s always interesting seeing how directors navigate a quick shoot on a limited budget. Smith doesn’t do too much to overextend himself save the decidedly low-key bachelorette party.

bats*t bride review - heather and bryce

Batsh*t Bride isn’t going to get a massive marketing budget, but if you’re in the mood for some wedding laughs, it’s worth checking out on demand now.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Vile Henchmen Productions