Target exclusive WWE Legends Series 7 now up for pre-order

Target has started to get a little shakier with its WWE exclusives, even before the Coronavirus, so I’m thrilled they put up the WWE Legends Series 7 figures up for pre-order. While playing retail roulette is always fun, I figured now was a good time to show the interest in the line to do my part to ensure a Series 8, 9, 10, etc. 

Greg The Hammer Valentine

wwe legends series 7 - greg valentine with accessories

There is a chase version of Valentine so I’m not sure which version is up for pre-order, but I appreciate having at least one guaranteed version of The Hammer to have in my collection.

Pre-order Greg Valentine here.

Razor Ramon

wwe legends series 8 - razor ramon

The Bad Guy comes in his powder blue attire from Wrestlemania 11. I’m glad we’re finally getting another Elite Razor figure as he’s a guy who Mattel could crank out a ton of variants.

Pre-order the Razor Ramon figure here.


Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan

I’m excited about getting a wrestling version of The Brain as well since he did that just enough to warrant this style of figure. I won’t mind getting more manager outfits for him either.

wwe legends series 7 - heenan in singlet

Pre-order WWE Legends Series 7 Bobby Heenan here.

It seems like Sting, the final member of this wave, is not up for pre-order yet. He’s likely to be double packed in the set so he “should” be easier to find in stores. That said, I’ll still keep stalking Target’s site to make sure if he does get put up for pre-order I won’t have to worry about tracking him down.

UPDATE: Sting is out

Photo Credit: Mattel