Black Lightning – The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi review S2 E6

The Book of Blood sees some significant movement on some storylines while getting to the heart of this arc. I like how Black Lightning breaks up its season with arcs like a comic book while having one underlined plot running throughout.

Tobias wants Khalil to kill Rev. Holt and continues to belittle him at every opportunity. Not long after I wrote that we need a reminder of why Khalil won’t just use his Painkiller darts to take out Tobias, he at least tries fighting him and promptly gets beat down. This was necessary to show why Khalil was just being a punk and taking all this verbal abuse. Although I am a little confused as how Tobias could handle him without much trouble. 

Khlalil confided to Jennifer his mission from Tobias and she was oddly OK talking it out with him as he’s not a bad person. I kinda feel like if your ex is being sent to kill a reverend, that’s not a relationship worth rekindling, Jenn. But the post-Tobias beat down does little to discourage her and they do their best re-enactment of Romeo and Juliet. Teen love CW style. Sigh.

black lightning the perdi review - khalil and tobias

After building suspense for a whole half and episode, we see Gambi torturing one of the guys who tried to kill him. Turns out Gambi had an escape hatch (naturally) in his SUV and triggered an explosion. After getting nowhere with his would-be assassin, Gambi kills him and leaves his dogs to watch him rot. Not cool Gambi.

Lynn tries to face the music and tells the families about the 14 deaths at the pod center. I want to be on Team Lynn here, but how does she think her speech would calm any parent if they’re not sure their child is dead?


Back to the star of Black Lightning, Anissa tracks down Anaya just in time to tell her that her baby daddy is dead…and to deliver the baby. Check that, babies. Yes, Anaya has twins although in what’s sure to cause a scandal she’s got one white and one black twin. Well, that’ll make for interesting dinner conversations. Anissa is rightfully weirded out when they lock eyes and they light up. I fully appreciate the realness Nafessa Williams brings to this role in these outlandish scenarios.

Anaya and her family make up The Perdi, blacks in South Freeland who’ve been waging a long class war with the Sange, white folks with superpowers. I kinda got a Twilight vibe from all this, but maybe it’s just me?

The head of the Sange is Looker (Sofia Vasilieva), a woman whose powers and likeness don’t resemble the comic book version of Black Lightning’s Outsiders teammate much at all. I’ll reserve judgement for now, but I’m really hoping the show’s version of The Outsiders has some flavor of the source material beyond names. It clearly wasn’t a coincidence the news item about unrest in Markovia.

black lightning the perdi review - black lightning

Just as the Sange come looking for Anaya and her Sange baby, Black Lightning remembers the show is named after him and comes to help Anissa. That partially works as Looker’s crew manages to kill a lot of the Perdi and take the black twin. That’s not going to bode well.

The Outsiders teases continue while a race war subplot gets underway. It feels a little lame in hindsight then that so much time was wasted on Tobias/Khalil and Jennifer yet again. And can someone renegotiate Jefferson’s screen time contract?

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW