Black Lightning: The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange review S2 E7

The Book of Blood has been far more interesting than the earlier arc this season. It didn’t hurt that The Sange featured Black Lightning more prominently than any other episode.

Black Lightning is tracking down the Sange and finds lynched bodies of more Perdi strung up on trees. This is one of those situations where I wanted to see BL flash fry these dudes, yet he still played by the superhero code book instead of going Wolverine and Punisher on legit white supremacists.

black lightning book of blood chapter three the sange review - black lightning

Eventually, he gets caught and brought before Looker, who tries to explain away her segregationist mentality as he points out the confederate flag in her basement.

As far as idiotic villain plans go trying to electrocute Black Lightning ranks pretty high. Looker and company rolled out to get Anaya’s Sange baby, but left the Perdi twin. Looks like Black Lightning is back on babysitting duty. BL knocking out a dude without even looking was pretty bad a$$.

While he missed it last episode, Jefferson does spot Gambi’s drone he used to try and help Black Lightning and Anissa. Let’s put that in the file away for later pile…

black lightning book of blood chapter three the sange review -looker

BL links up with Anissa after dropping the baby off with Henderson in the most awkward “here, take this baby I’ve gotta run” moment I’ve seen. Anissa’s fight with Looker was pretty solid — the series tends to have good action sequences though I wish BL incorporated his powers more in his fights. Anissa impales Looker, which is enough to break her control over her Sange puppets but not kill her.

Thunder geeking out over Zeta waves and trying to explain Looker’s powers to BL was great. I’m down for more moments like that between them.

Jefferson tracks down Gambi, who’s chilling in a hotel room working on motorcycle designs. In the span of three episodes Gambi was presumed dead, revealed to be alive and discovered by Jefferson. That subplot was so rushed it almost didn’t need to happen.

black lightning book of blood chapter three the sange review - jefferson and gambi

Jennifer’s subplot wasn’t frustrating this episode either. As her feelings for Khalil spark up again she’s worried she could electrocute him during sex. That’s a valid concern actually.

Rev. Holt refuses to be intimidated and pulls a gun out on Khalil when he approaches him to warn about Tobias gunning for him. While Rev. Holt isn’t afraid of Tobias, Khalil sure is and goes running into an alley to avoid him. Good thing he can call on Jennifer, who’s less worried about her powers when she can help out her man.


It was weird watching Khalil cower from some of Tobias’ goons when he’s rolled into places with far more guys waiting to take him out. Jennifer makes the save and reveals her powers. Typically these teen romance subplots drive me nuts, but so far this has played out in an authentic teen manner.

While clearly a terrible idea, Jennifer and Khalil ditching Freeland also made sense from a dumb teen decision making perspective. Perenna cautions Jefferson and Lynn from coming down too hard on Jennifer as her powers could be cataclysmic if she doesn’t learn to control them in the right environment.

black lightning book of blood chapter three the sange review - jennifer shows her powers

This seems like some new age parenting where crappy behavior is rewarded with understanding instead of discipline. Let’s see how understanding they’ll be when they learn Jennifer has left town.

I’m enjoying this arc even if I’m a little leery about the progression of Jennifer and Khalil’s subplot.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW