The Flash: Liberation review S6 E17

Liberation definitely progressed things as The Flash nears the home stretch of this shortened season.

The biggest development was Barry revealing that he knows the Mirror Iris isn’t his Iris. He breaks down all the reasons to Cecile, who also thinks Iris has been acting a little off. I’m glad Barry wasn’t written like a goof here and he realized Iris would never give up on them.

As much as I liked that it was cool to see Eva be a competent villain and nearly got all of Team Flash to turn on Barry by swapping out the prism detector device to make it look like Barry was the refraction. Good thing Cecile figured things out enough to trust Barry to take down Iris. It did seem kinda weird that Team Flash’s resident mind reader couldn’t tell Mirror Iris was a fake.

the flash liberation review - iris and eva

Eva couldn’t keep her plan completely smooth as the real Iris discovered her hidden lab. In fairness, how hidden is a lab if it’s revealed by the press of a button that clearly seems out of place next to a mirror?

While Barry was preoccupied, mirror versions Kamila, Iris and Singh pay a visit to Ramses as Eva thinks his blood holds the key to freeing her from the mirror world. Ramsey is intrigued and agrees to help after Mirror Kamila sacrifices herself to release him. This was a good return for Ramses, who proved to be an excellent half season villain for Flash.

Cisco and Ralph didn’t have a ton to do this episode and get stuck with a lousy subplot of checking in on Caitlin, who apparently is dealing with a case of frostbite.

Danielle Panabaker’s pregnancy probably has caused some major changes to the Killer Frost subplot, but it might have been easier to write Caitlin off instead of trying to keep her involved.


Mirror Iris is having some second thoughts as she wants to be a real life girl, but when Barry confronts her, she opts for turning into the T-1000 with liquid mirror arms that slice and dice Barry.

This proved a better fight than I expected as Mirror Iris cheated big time using the various mirrors all around. The fight played out well and the execution of Mirror Iris’ effects was very well done.

Barry stops fighting and appeals to the Iris influence swimming around in Mirror Iris. Before she fully turns on her, Eva destroys Mirror Iris and enters the real world. Maybe to go after her husband Carver or maybe to cause more mayhem now that she’s out. There’s some interesting possibilities.

the flash liberation review - barry and cecile

Had it not been Grant Gustin and Candice Patton doing it, the Barry and Iris talk to the mirror scene probably would have come off corny. Instead, it felt like another emotional Barry/Iris scene that they pull off so well.

With Eva on the loose and Ramses still very much a threat lurking in the background it’s a terrible time for Barry to have lost most of his speed. We’ve got a ton of adversity, now can The Flash recover?

Liberation set the stage for a strong closing arc, but it will be interesting to see what kind of ending this season has without a proper season finale.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW