Black Lightning: The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One – Exodus review S2 E8

I’m pretty sure this Jennifer/Khalil love on the run storyline is going to have a quick expiration point for me, but for this first chapter of Book of Rebellion, it helped make for a solid episode.

Khalil’s fighting style confused me twice this episode. First when he had the shootout at the 100 and the second when fighting Giselle. The neuro darts are a fight cheat code and with his random martial arts skill set he apparently learned during track. He really should be the most formidable fighter yet he always telegraphs his dart launches and regularly gets the Superman from Justice League season 1 treatment.

black lightning rebellion chapter one exodus - jennifer cuts khalil's hair

Some of this is to show how much he needs Jennifer, but why exactly does she need him? At least being on the run was enough motivation for her to convince him to cut his dreads. While they weren’t on a Tyler Perry A Fall From Grace level of bad hairpieces I won’t miss them.

The Pierce family had a rough time this episode what with Lynn’s mini-breakdown, Anissa going off on Gambi for his persistent shadiness and Anissa chewing out Jefferson for how he and Lynn smothered Jennifer.

Tobias had a much better week as he made…wait, what’s the opposite of a thinly veiled threat(?) to Khalil’s mother. Fully catching the hint she warns Lynn and suggests Khalil and Jennifer might be at his aunt’s. I’m still concerned they didn’t just leave instead of needing to think up a plan and get supplies. Get supplies? Is there not a Super Wal-Mart in Freeland? Actually that’s probably a good question.


I was a fan of Tobias’ assassin, Giselle (Kearran Giovanni, Major Crimes), for more than her outfit. Honest. OK! her outfit was impressive too. She’s been the first one of his hired goons to actually check him when he gets on his ridiculous disrespectful kick. I did wonder how many knives she was packing.

black lightning rebellion chapter one exodus - giselle cutter

As what’s become the norm this season, the fight scenes were also impressive. There’s a freedom in the hand to hand battles that is lacking in the other Arrowverse fight scenes with the exception of Arrow.

While Black Lightning and Thunder arrive in time to save Khalil from getting skewered, Jennifer still wants nothing to do with them and that includes Gambi’s Vanguard 3 drone, which she zaps out of the sky.

black lightning rebellion chapter one exodus - black lightning

But that’s the third time Black Lightning has saved this Pierce girl and for a smart crime boss like Tobias, he’s putting it all together. Bad news for Black Lightning, but potentially very good for us.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW