Black Lightning: The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros review S2 E10

The Book of Rebellion’s conclusion was a strong one as it finally wrapped the season’s most tedious subplot in a very satisfying manner. This mini arc format has played out very well this season so even if one isn’t great it won’t be a season long problem.

That was definitely becoming the case with the Jenn/Khalil love on the run tour. This episode took them to Khalil’s secret apartment in an old train car. Talk about random. It felt like the writers would have had him go there before his aunt’s to avoid all this unnecessary drama in the first place.

Not that it mattered much as this search has gotten tedious. Gambi can build all this cool tech, but why can’t he devise something that detects electrical based powers? And also, what’s the point of everyone yelling for Jennifer? She’s clearly hiding from them and wants nothing to do with anyone at this point.

black lightning -the book of rebellion chapter three angelitos negros – black lightning

Jennifer is acting like a mutant in a world where they get killed and she refuses to get help from the X-Men. Khalil is worried about Tobias, but the dude only sent one assassin after him. How bad does Tobias really want him?

Just to work in some action in this extended edition of hide and seek, Black Lightning stops some white guys from beating up a Latino hobo. Alrighty then.

After listening to Lynn plead in the train yard for Jennifer to come home, Khalil suggests Jennifer go home. Fortunately there’s not a lot of back and forth on that and Romeo and Juliet somehow manage to beat the Pierce’s home. The funny thing is Gambi never shows up the rest of the episode.


Jefferson convinces Khalil to turn himself in prompting some impressive world class snark from Henderson. Black Lightning and Thunder literally just watch Khalil get in the SWAT car before peace-ing out. That seemed more than a little negligent.

Tobias used the episode to school Todd on life like he tried with Khalil. He’s a little kindler and gentler with Todd than he was with Khalil though since he needs his skills as an encryption specialist. Todd plays his role as the new No. 1 well and starts verbally jabbing with Giselle. This dynamic has potential.

black ligtning The Book of Rebellion- Chapter Three-Angelitos Negros review - todd, giselle cutter and tobias

I was bummed we didn’t get to see how Giselle massacred the cops, but that might have gone over this episode’s action budget. And watching Tobias rip the implant out of Khalil’s spine was probably a better use of special effect resources. That looked painful. Placing him in front of Rev. Holt’s church was a real dick move too.

The mention of Masters of Disaster was very interesting as they were a five member squad of villains who fought The Outsiders in the comics. Black Lightning definitely seems to be heading down that path, which would be really cool to see play out.

Angelitos Negros definitely wrapped the Book of Rebellion on a high note while setting the stage for another potentially strong book as this season nears its final arc.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW