Black Lightning: The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two – Gift of the Magi review S2 E9

The Gift of the Magi was a mildly frustrating episode as the Jennifer/Khalil on the run storyline took the forefront and Tobias didn’t do anything with the info he gained last episode.

Undoubtedly the latter will be picked up at some point soon — Tobias is likely just waiting for the right moment. As for the former? It’s already getting annoying watching Black Lightning and Thunder keep coming thisclose from catching up to Jennifer. Her actions, like along antibiotics from a hospital, are becoming increasingly irrational.

Granted, this might just be common teen behavior, but she is tripling down on every potential terrible idea. None of them seem better than simply getting help from Jefferson and Anissa at this point. If anything her actions are validating Jefferson and Lynn’s lock down mentality in the first place.

black lightning rebellion chapter two gift of the maji review - khalil and jennifer

Also, the way this show makes racial profiling a thing there’s no way a hospital would let a clearly shady looking black girl in a hoodie get into a room with drugs. Even if she had powers.

It felt silly that both Black Lightning and Thunder were in the same hospital as Jennifer and Giselle. For all their intel, Giselle still managed to find Jennifer and the feverish Khalil first.

This led to a weird scene with Perenna and Jennifer working through a new use of her power with another subconscious Jennifer in the mind realm. What are Perenna’s powers again?

At least this helps Jennifer take down Giselle and get the antidote for her poison knife. In a matter of a few episodes, Jennifer is somehow becoming the most competent character in the series despite her odd fixation on being on the run.


Lynn is falling victim to bad superhero show planning. She needs something to do and instead of sticking to her main season arc of working with the Green Light Babies in the pods she’s talking to Khali’s mother and tracking down his father. It’s not like this is helping Jefferson, Anissa and Gambi actually find Jennifer and Khali and comes off more like busy work.

Tobias has found a new project in super genius Todd Green (RJ Cyler, Power Rangers), who’s initially reluctant to partner with the alleged criminal, but the huge payday to do research that was denied him at school provides enough motivation.

black lightning rebellion chapter two gift of the maji review - gambi, thunder and black lightning

Clearly there’s a hook, but Tobias does do a good job of coming across like a friend. In the short screen time this subplot gets it still manages t be the most intriguing development of the episode.

The Gift of the Magi kept Jennifer away from her family while she discovers her own confidence in her powers. Hopefully things pick up next episode.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW