Black Lightning: The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son S2 E11

Prodigal Son wasn’t a good episode for the Pierce crew, but it made for one of the season’s strongest episodes thanks to some surprising deaths.

In hindsight these should have been expected, but after watching so many comic book shows cheat death there was a sense Black Lightning wasn’t going to mess around here especially since we saw these deaths compared to the ambiguous fake-out with Gambi.

I always appreciated how Black Lightning writers avoided making Rev. Holt more than a religious caricature. Clifton Powell gave him the essential gravitas to be a well-rounded, fleshed out character who really did just want what was best for his community.

It sucked watching him die from one of Giselle’s poisons she mixed into his rag, but that’s the difference between a good supporting character and a random body killed for shock value.

black lightning the book of secrets prodigal son review - khalil

Tobias has been gunfight for him since early season one and it was almost shocking that a bad guy actually accomplished his plan. Unlike Khalil, Giselle had no problems killing Holt.

As shocking as Holt’s death, losing Khalil was even more surprising. I definitely thought he was covered by the shield of teen love with Jennifer. That’s the kind of move we haven’t seen since Season 1 of Arrow.


This goofy mind realm of Jennifer’s actually provided a nice moment as she brought him in with her to give him a pleasant memory before he died.

I also was feeling Jennifer blowing up Cell Phone Cathy’s car after she tried to call the cops on her for “stealing her car.” Perenna’s role here still feels a little weird, but she has been a stabilizing force for her. With Khalil’s death, Perenna might as well get a room at the Pierce household as she’s going to essential personnel.

Jefferson brings Henderson in to Gambi’s spot to fully let him in. With Gambi and Jefferson’s help, Henderson might have the backup he needs to finally bring Tobias down.

black lightning the book of secrets prodigal son review - pierce family and khalil

The problem is Tobias is making major moves as he gets Todd to break Dr. Jace out of custody to help him uncover the secrets under the clinic. Tobias has done more than enough this season for his inevitable takedown to be very satisfying.

I think we’re in for a pretty good final stretch of episodes as the season nears its conclusion.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW