Hasbro’s Marvel Legends reveals include Walgreens Moon Knight, classic Electro

Hasbro is making the most of the quarantine by making Fridays a huge showcase for new product. Today was the Marvel Legends reveals on the Hasbro Pulse Livestream and they did not disappoint.

I’ll add in photos and pre-order links as they go live.

Some of the figures shown made their debut while others were officially announced/shown in packaging.

We got new looks at Nimrod, Old Man Hawkeye, a semi-modern Rogue, War Machine.

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Nimrod also has a classic old school head plate, which was an awesome addition. The Hasbro team mentioned Rogue will have stronger knee joints, which should help make her more stable than some of the other female figure. That’s a welcome improvement.

marvel legends nimrod figure

Hasbro also teased what I assume is a Sebastian Shaw figure, which would be an awesome start for one of my favorite X-Men villain groups.

Many of the newer figures are going to incorporate a pin-less system. That’s really cool for characters (cough Spider-Man) that have two tone colors on their costume that get compromised with the single colored elbow pin.

Hasbro also revealed the latest figure in its army builder wave – the AIM soldier. I love this initiative and greatly appreciate the lower price. We’re also getting another all-new trooper builder. Hand ninja? Hellfire Club goon?

With an entire wave dedicated to the epic mini-series, it was inevitable we’d see the Age of Apocalypse version of Apocalypse. He’s getting the deluxe figure treatment and comes with two separate heads. We will need another wave of AOA figures soon.


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On the Spider-Man front, the final figures in the Retro wave were revealed with the debut of Armored Daredevil and classic versions of Electro and Green Goblin.


I tend to skew the traditional costumes for most characters, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this crazy look for Daredevil since that was his costume in one of the first Daredevil collections I read. He’s reusing the Scott Summers head sculpt from the X-Men three pack. The cool thing here is Hasbro included the arm gauntlets to hold his batons, which was a nice touch.


Electro was long overdue and now I don’t have to keep kicking myself for not settling on that modern version in the Build-A-Figure Venom wave. This Electro uses a larger body than the scrawny ones we’ve previously seen. I think I’m OK with that choice.

Green Goblin is a minor upgrade from the most recently released one, but features a brighter paint job and a classic head sculpt. The Norman Osborne head sculpt is incredible.


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One of the bigger reveals was the Walgreens exclusive Moon Knight. Again, for those patient old school collectors you finally got rewarded for skipping the modern Moon Knight as this is the version you’ve been waiting on complete with alternate head sculpts with the comic black shading around the face and an all-white version.

What do you think of the new reveals? Hasbro is aiming to have them available for pre-orders at 1:30. Moon Knight will be available via a special link on Hasbro Pulse. Hopefully this means there won’t be any problems getting Moon Knight.

Dwight did reveal that Hasbro has made some Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse figures, but they will be shown at a later date. Ryan revealed that House of X and Powers of X are coming as well. Tom said more box sets are coming. Two X-Men SDCC items are coming and at least one will be related to the X-Men movie universe.

Tom revealed the retro wave will continue. Dwight teased 2021 will see the biggest Build-A-Figure coming to the line even bigger than Fing Fang Foom and Galactus and then teased a final reveal with what looked to be a massive Sentinel leg.

hasbro marvel legends sentinel tease

Looks like I’m gonna need to redesign my figure shelf.

Photo Credit: Hasbro