Henry Cavill returns as Superman for future DC films, but not Man of Steel 2…yet

It didn’t go unnoticed that Henry Cavill took part in Zack Snyder’s watch party for Man of Steel last week. Now we know part of that reason is because Cavill is returning as Superman in more DC films.

There were reports that Warner Bros. was considering a Supergirl movie and Cavill was discreetly phased out.

During promotional rounds for The Witcher, Cavill said in an interview that he hadn’t given up the role of Superman and was anxious to return to the character. Now that is a reality.

This doesn’t mean we’re getting a Man of Steel sequel however. The Wrap reports Cavill’s new role will be very similar to Mark Ruffalo’s status within the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Hulk doesn’t have a stand-alone film, but is a pivotal figure in the films.


The most likely first appearance of Superman probably won’t be until Aquaman 2 or Shazam 2 although a post-credit appearance in Matt Reeves’ The Batman might not be out of the question.

If nothing else this opens up the possibility of a Justice League 2. What do you think of the news?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros