Hasbro puts up new Star Wars Rebels, The Mandalorian figures up for pre-order

I’m not sure what the big deal was for May 28, but The Force Was Strong as Hasbro revealed a slew of new figures up for pre-order including the long anticipated Zeb from Star Wars Rebels.

While my wallet is giving me a dirty look right now, I really appreciate Hasbro re-releasing the Star Wars The Black Series figures Rebels figures. Those figures were hitting stupid prices on the secondary market and since I stupidly waited until I watched the show this year to start getting interested in the figures I was looking real short.

Here’s the pre-orders for each of the Rebels:

Star Wars The Black Series Ahsoka Tano figure

Pre-order Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars The Black Series Ezra Bridger 6-Inch Action Figure

Pre-order Ezra Bridger

Star Wars The Black Series C1-10P Chopper 6-Inch Action Figure

Pre-order Chopper

Star Wars The Black Series Hera Syndulla 6-Inch Action Figure

Pre-order Hera Syndula



Star Wars The Black Series Kanan Jarrus 6-Inch Action Figure

Pre-order Kannan Jarrus

Star Wars The Black Series Sabine Wren 6-Inch Action Figure

Pre-order Sabine Wren

Star Wars The Black Series Zeb Orrelios 6-Inch Action Figure

Pre-order Zeb Orrellios

And if that wasn’t enough Hasbro put The Mandalorian in his Buskar armor up as well. This was the version I’ve been waiting on although my Cara Dune and The Child have been pretty lonely.


I love the new connected packaging for the line with the distinct color scheme for the various themes. Naturally I think it’s very cool that my favorite film in the series, Empire Strikes Back, is in blue.

To pre-order all of the new Star Wars The Black Series, check out this page.

Photo Credit: Hasbro