DC Comics reviews 6/2/20 – Detective Comics #1022, Batman Superman #9

Batman Superman #9

batman superman #9

Joshua Williamson is departing The Flash after a storied run for what he described as a dream project. If this latest issue of Batman Superman is any indication that dream project really needs to be Justice League so he can continue writing the World’s Finest’s exploits along with their super friends.

This issue kicks off a new storyline pitting the heroes against a foe not commonly on their radar. First, Williamson does his best to incorporate elements from the regular Superman and Batman titles. DC has lacked cohesiveness with regards to major events lately so it was nice to see Williamson tackle it here.

Clayton Henry joins up as the artist this issue. Henry has a clean and energetic style that merges the larger than life aspects of Superman’s world and Batman’s more grounded city life especially well. Alejandro Sanchez’s colors are very strong as well.

Williamson sets up a new case that spotlights Batman’s detective skills and Superman’s heart. It results in a terrific read that marks the start of what should be a very enjoyable arc for a title that hasn’t hit a false note yet.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10