DC Comics reviews 6/2/20 – Detective Comics #1022, Batman Superman #9

Detective Comics #1022

detective comics #1022

The truth about the House of Two-Face is revealed along with its connection to Joker War unfolds this issue. Since the pandemic hiatus, Detective Comics has been one of the books I’ve been most lost forward to resuming as writer Peter J. Tomasi, artist Brad Walker and colorist Brad Anderson have told a complex and gorgeous arc. That doesn’t end with this issue, which proves to be enlightening and engaging.

Tomasi connects a story from years ago and uses it as the bridge to Joker War. Along the way, Tomasi explains some of the clashing takes on Two-Face over the last few years in a manner that makes a lot of sense.

Batman gets to navigate through a deathtrap and resume his investigation into the House of Two-Face. As strong as the story is, Brad Walker’s art is incredible. With inks by Andrew Hennesy, Walker’s pages look amazing as he has such a skill for providing the most cinematic angles and dynamic action sequences. Anderson’s colors really pop in this issue from the scarring on Two-Face’s body to the green hues of acid. It’s a captivating visual treat.

Detective Comics has been a great read since Tomasi arrived on the title as it seems like he’s only getting warmed up as the road to Joker War continues.

Rating: 10 out of 10