DC Comics reviews 6/2/20 – Detective Comics #1022, Batman Superman #9

Justice League Dark #22

justice league dark #22

Ram V starts wrapping up some lingering subplots in an issue that continues to showcase why Justice League Dark is the most unique mainstream title DC puts out every month.

Dr. Fate is granted a meeting with the Parliaments of Life while Animal Man, Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp deal with the outbreak in Los Angeles and Constantine tries to keep Abby safe from Anton’s attack. One of the cooler aspects of this issue is how different each of these three subplots is presented.

Alvaro Martinez Bueno and Amancay Nahuelpan team up on pencils. Bueno has been a mainstay in the series and delivers some amazing work particularly in the Constantine/Abby segments with some unique inking/coloring and lettering effects. Nahuelpan focuses on the Dr. Fate scenes, which are some of the issue’s best pages. There’s a magical quality to them and Nahuelpan adds an impressive level of detail to every panel.

Ram V comes up with a creative way to wrap the Animal Man subplot and thankfully it doesn’t seem like he’s leaving the team anytime soon. I like the idea of splitting the team up for a brief arc as it allows for different pairings and lower tier threats. It was smart for Ram V and fellow plotter James Tynion IV to stage this arc in this manner as it allows for a stronger focus on the biggest threat.

Justice League Dark remains a highly satisfying read and one that has been one of my favorites each month.

Rating: 9 out of 10