WWE Elite #34 Kane figure review – Toys R Us exclusive

No joke it is very possible that I’ve reviewed 50 WWE figures since I picked up this Wrestlemania Heritage Series Kane figure. I really have no good reason for this extended delay other than it’s literally just a repaint of the terrific Kane figure and I just didn’t get around to it.

But now that I’m in the home stretch of my WWE reviews (no, seriously!) it was time to knock out this review of the Big Red Machine.

Packaging:  Man, how long has it been since Mattel used this massive packaging? You’ve gotta give Mattel credit for constantly finding ways to shrink the packaging over the years. This is wide with a heavy dose of red with some black accents.

While I’m pretty sure that was coincidentally the color scheme for this wave, it’s fitting for Kane. Mattel loved reusing the same picture throughout. I do love the bio set up even though the information is all over the place like his former affiliations. Given that this attire is from Wrestlemania 2000 saying The Corporation was his former affiliation would make more sense.

He’s also posed as if he’s preparing to ignite the ring posts, which is a cool touch.

Likeness:  Classic Kane remains one of my favorite figures as he was one of my favorites during his initial run in the WWF. The mask looks perfectly sinister and evil like a horror movie boogeyman. I love how the hair flows as well.

wwe elite kane figure review - close up

Mattel sculpted all of the essential elements like the studs on the left side of the outfit and glove cuffs. For whatever reason that didn’t carry over to the belt, which is just left up to the paintjob instead of being sculpted.

wwe elite kane figure review - scale with triple h, x-pac, kurt angle and rikishi

Scale:  Kane was one of the main giants in the WWF despite the package listing him as 6’1”. He’s actually 7’ making him an inch taller than The Undertaker and eye level with The Big Show. He should be one of the taller figures in the line.

wwe elite kane figure review - facing triple h, x-pac, kurt angle and rikish

Paint:  I remember thinking how cool it was when Kane rocked this inverted color scheme. It made his original scheme look even more evil. Of course this was the time when he was a face and warring with DX after X-Pac turned on him and stole Tori.

The red paint on the torso isn’t consistent and there’s a very sharp line right when the “flames” reach. This is to play up the mesh areas of the area with sheer red showing some of Kane’s not burnt torso. I get what Mattel was trying here, but they didn’t go the extra route of making the lighter areas look like flames instead of a stark paint break.

There’s a little slop on the mask as well, but it seems to be the right shade of red against the black mask.

wwe elite kane figure review - face off with x-pac

Articulation:  Kane has a unique slender giant body, which allows him to pull off most of his moveset with ease. The big boot is a little tricky, but there won’t be any issues with the chokeslam or tombstone.

wwe elite kane figure review - press slamming x-pac

wwe elite kane figure review - chokeslam to x-pac

Kane has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles


wwe elite kane figure review - facing off dx with stone cold

Accessories:  Kane is from the days when Mattel crammed random accessories into the packaging. He comes with a blue hand stretcher — ideal for when he lays someone out with the chokeslam and tombstone on the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring.

He also comes with a fire extinguisher for those pesky inferno matches. Remember Kane hates fire thanks to his crazy childhood with The Undertaker, kids.

wwe elite kane figure review - using fire extinguisher to x-pac

Worth it?  Let’s imagine I still remember paying for this figure at Toys R Us. I’ll guarantee I didn’t pay more than $20, which is a solid price for this guy.

Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a pretty solid repaint for one of Classic Kane’s essential looks. I’d rate it higher with some paint touch ups, which is the point of this repaint.

wwe elite kane figure review - x-pac getting carried off

Where to get it?  He actually is available on Amazon although as you might expect you’re going to pay a lot for a figure from 40 waves ago.