Collection of encouraging BLM posts from wrestlers, writers and more

If ever I wanted a year to get a fatal virus and die quickly it’d be 2020. I’m hard pressed to find much good that’s come out of (checks notes) this first six months (!) I try to keep LMF an escape from the very frustrating real world, but it’s pretty impossible right now.

I am finding encouragement reading and seeing comments from people trying to shed some light on the foolishness that’s gone on for far too long. Some I expected just because their previous actions didn’t need further vetting by posting about Black Lives Matter. I intentionally didn’t include a lot of posts from black actors/artists because they’ve been the voice of this movement for years and I really wanted to hear from others at this point.

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If you don't understand the anger and frustration of our brothers and sisters of color you don't understand or have been educated in the social injustice and oppression they have and continue to face. If government stood up and didn't say we were bringing in the National Guard but said let's have dialog with the Leaders of the Black community it would be seen as an effort. On the History Channel currently is a 3 episode feature on U.S. Grant. Not only did he win the Civil War but he showed respect to the confederate soldiers. Freedom for the slaves and the right to vote for the Black man. Once he was out of office the Klan murderer the Black man and the colored laws went into effect. 150 years ago a good man tried to right a horrible wrong. It took nearly 100 years to pass the civil rights act and allow the Black vote again. 50 plus years George is murdered for the entire world to see and some people have a problem wrapping their head around this current situation in our country? I'm white born with white privilege. I can't begin to understand what a Black man in our society feels or fears. I know I care. I love my Black brothers and sisters and know my friends of color will always have my back. We white society have to make this right. From urban development to intercity education to most importantly stop judging a man by the color of his skin. Can't we make that our DREAM?

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