Marvel Legends Mach-1 figure review – BAF Abomination wave

The Gamerverse wave of Marvel Legends has been very helpful in terms of adding to the ranks of two of my favorite teams from the 90s – The New Warriors and Thunderbolts. Today I’m looking at one of the core members of the latter — Mach-1 — the hero formerly known as the villain The Beetle. Confused? Just check out Thunderbolts Vol. 1. Mach-1 brings my Thunderbolts crew to three. Let’s see if he flies high or crashes and burns.

Packaging: Nothing new with this wave. It features red and blue accents. The side portrait captures a Mark Bagley feel  so it’s a big win for me. The bio is very brief without detailing anything with The Thunderbolts or his past as The Beetle.

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - package bio

Likeness: Fittingly, Mach-1 is mostly a reuse of the Ultimate Beetle figure. The only change is an overlay torso, belt, feet, helmet and wings.

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - flying ahead

Naturally there were a few compromises from the source material given the heavy re-use. Mach-1 lacks the unique wide blaster gauntlets and the circles along his inner thigh are missing. Mostly, Mach-1 showcases very smart part choices based on existing materials that made for a pretty close to accurate comic book appearance.

My only “real” gripe is I wish Hasbro made the visor translucent so we could see Mach-1’s eyes as they were transparent in the comics. The wing blades have that unique star-like pattern as well. It’s fun looking back and seeing all the visual cues of the Thunderbolt’s villainous alter egos in the costumes.

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - close up details

Paint:  I’ve already mentioned the visor section, but something that seemed off to me from the first showing of the figure was the stark white armor. I always thought it was more silver, but after checking reference art, it was white that benefited from shading to give it more depth. That’s not the kind of thing I would expect Hasbro to add with their figures although casting the material in a pearlescent white might have done the trick?

I was impressed that Hasbro actually did the two-tone aspects of the blues in Mach-1’s costume. Again that was something I only noticed after checking old comics. BTW, the original Thunderbolts was a fascinating read and well worth checking out if you’ve never followed it back in the 90s.

Scale:  Mach-1 was average height and shouldn’t tower over anyone. I do appreciate that the helmet is sized like a human head is enclosed.

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - facing citizen v and songbird

Articulation:  The Ultimate Beetle body works well for flying poses and ranged attacks. Mach-1 is a flyer so that’s the most important aspect of his articulation. The shoulder pads are made of a flexible enough material that they don’t restrict any of his movement so he can hit all of his blast gestures,

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - in air

Mach-1 has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles


Accessories:  Mach-1 doesn’t have any additional accessories beyond the wings. Considering that’s part of his costume I won’t consider that an extra.  Maybe an unmasked head sculpt would have been a nice bonus.

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - thunderbolts in action

He does have the head of the Build-A-Figure Abomination.

Worth it?  I got Mach-1 for $20, the normal rate for the line. I think he’ll be discounted later on, but you know someone from this wave is going to be the super expensive one.

Rating: 9 out of 10

marvel legends mach-1 figure review - new warriors face off with thunderbolts

Where to get it?  This wave is showing up at retail. I’m not making figure runs yet so my purchases since March have all be online. Mach-1 is currently available on, Entertainment Earth and Amazon.