Agents of SHIELD: Know Your Onions review – S7 E2

Know Your Onions had some interesting moments, but it seems like this final season of Agents of SHIELD is going to follow in the tradition of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The good news is AOS already seems to be trying to do a better job with regards to continuity and not screwing history up as became the norm on Legends. I’m not exactly sold that this is the most thrilling final arc though.

Daisy, Coulson, Jemma and Elena hide out in Hazard Koenig’s speakeasy trying to avoid the Chronicoms while Mack and Deke attempt to keep Freddy Malick safe. Meanwhile, May is out of her suspended animation and sounds less emotional than normal. Who knew? Also, with Enoch around having May basically being devoid of emotions doesn’t sound like the best approach for her.

agents of shield know your onions review - chronicoms

May wants to help the others and ends up fighting Enoch. It’s another in a long line of terrific Agents of SHIELD fight scenes, but it felt pointless from the real issue. It is interesting to note that May can beat even a hunter-level Chronicom

Elena’s got some confidence issues about her effectiveness in using her powers after nearly getting killed from the Shrike. It’s still early in the season, but with this pace it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a lot of time for more personal subplots with a greater emphasis on rushing off to the next mission.

agents of shield know your onions review - daisy and freddy's contact

Things do pick up when Freddy’s contact (Nora Zehetner) reveals he’s supposed to transport booze with a little something extra – vials that contain the final ingredient Professor Erskine needs for his super soldier formula. This is not the correct version of course and will bring about the creation of The Red Skull. Naturally this leads to yet another butterfly effect discussion: should SHIELD help Freddy Malick deliver the formula that creates one of the more insidious villains in the MCU? It kinda feels like taking out Hydra on both fronts seems like a smarter plan.

Sure this would mean no SHIELD, but in the end, is that really a bad thing? Besides Graviton was there really any threat to the planet that SHIELD stopped? Better yet was there a threat the Avengers couldn’t handle? Maybe the rabbit hole isn’t so much SHIELD’s creation, but making sure Nick Fury is in position within the government to encounter Carol Danvers, his initial inspiration for the Avengers Initiative in the first place.


Daisy thinks taking out Freddy is the sensible plan and orders Deke to kill him. Mack and Deke hear Freddie’s back story and are a bit more sympathetic towards him, but Deke leans more towards Daisy’s thoughts until Mack reminds him he’s in charge. The Chronicoms track them down and have a decent shoot out while Freddy runs off. Does this confrontation with SHIELD and the Chronicoms motivate him to take Hydra in another direction?

I am a little confused with the timing of everything as Schmidt hasn’t become the Red Skull yet and I thought Hydra was his offshoot of Hitler’s wider army. Maybe I’m going too far down this rabbit hole, but if someone can make sense of it all — help!

agents of shield know your onions review - koenig and coulson

To complicate things further the team has to get on the Zephyr before they’re stuck in the 30s. Enoch slowly runs to catch the Zephyr and the manner in which this played out made me think Elena was going to make the last minute save, but instead he’s left behind. Interesting. He’s stuck in the 30s and killing time as Koenig’s bartender. That’s not all bad as Koenig wants to know all about SHIELD, which explains his grandchildren’s eagerness to be so intricately involved.

Next week’s teaser shows the arrival of one of Agent Carter’s better supporting characters and a new mission to stop the Chronicoms. The cameo I’m looking forward to seeing, but I’m already hoping we get better villains to close this season as the Chronicoms just aren’t doing it for me in terms of being a genuine threat.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC