Mattel debuts War Games NXT playset

One of my all-time favorite matches is War Games 1992 with Sting’s Squadron vs. The Dangerous Alliance. I’m slowly adding more members to this match thanks to Mattel’s Elite collection, but I never envisioned an actual War Games set up would be possible. Turns out Mattel did have an idea on how to make this work with its WWE Wrekkin’ War Games Bundle.

The proto pics show a pretty decent two-ring setup with enough room for a decent amount of figures. I’d only need at most 10 anyway. The lack of a top means it won’t be completely authentic to the NWA/WCW versions, but it’s close enough. I’m so glad Triple H brought War Games out of the moth balls for NXT.

Here’s the description:

The cages have breakaway panels and breakaway sections for super battle-bashin’ action.

Use the 2 ladders to launch WWE action figures(sold separately, subject to availability) inside or outside the rings or throw the chair or table and more to crash through the cages!


I like it and assuming if the price isn’t too bad I’ll be adding that to my collection. Now to find some WCW ring aprons…

Photo Credit: Mattel