Mattel WWE Ultimate Series 7 lineup, latest Legends two-pack revealed

Thanks to some internet sleuths, it looks like we now know who will be joining Hollywood Hogan in the next Ultimate Edition wave.

Bray Wyatt reinvented himself yet again with The Fiend and while that gimmick just got a figure in Elite 77, he’ll have an even more articulated and presumably with a few more accessories version coming late this year.

The long awaited Hollywood Hogan and The Fiend should make Ultimate Edition 7 the most sought after pairing since the start of the series. In case you forgot, Wave 6 is comprised of The Rock and Charlotte Flair.


Along with The Fiend, there’s a listing for the next Legends two-pack following the Chyna and Triple H set — Bret Hart and Goldberg. It’ll be interesting to see if this set is based on their Starrcade match or their very brief run as WCW tag team champions.

bret hart and goldberg dec 1999

This could be a way for Mattel to release WCW tag titles so I’m hopeful they’re at least included. Unlike the Chyna set there’s not a first in the line potential here so Mattel might not need to have a unique selling point and the titles would do that I’m thinking. I’m down for any Bret Hart Elite figure releases.

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