G.I. Joe Classified Series Roadblock figure review

In the original Marvel comic, Roadblock (and Duke) had one of the best introductions as they shot down a Cobra Rattler and quickly announced a new status quo for the team. Writer Larry Hama kept Roadblock as a prominent member of the team throughout his run. I just finished an arc where Duke, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes and Roadblock invaded Cobra Island so it’s kinda cool having basically that same dynamic with the first wave of the GI Joe Classified Series.

Hasbro can basically have all my money with this line…in addition to Marvel Legends, Power Rangers and Star Wars The Black Series. I guess they already do have all my money though, huh? It would take a very lean rest of 2020 offerings for this line to not be my favorite for the year. Let’s see how Roadblock stacks up. 

Packaging: I like the package setup as it’s consistent with other Hasbro lines like Marvel Legends and Power Rangers.

I’m still trying to crack the code of the skill sets? I’m betting the cannon is representative of heavy artillery. Third from the bottom looks like weights to show he’s one of the stronger members of the team. Maybe the bullet means he’s always loaded up with ammo and let’s say the lightning bolt is for dishing out major damage quickly.

Hasbro, need someone to write up the bios? I will happily do it for free…or for some insight on the next 10 waves. I do think it’s cool that Roadblock was the No. 1 figure in this series.

Likeness: The Joe line has always been about evolving the character’s costumes over the years. I’d happily argue that for most of the Joes their original attires were the best outfits. Roadblock was one whose second version was actually pretty good. I say all that to say the Classified Series Roadblock seems like an updated take on his Ver. 2 attire.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - wide pic

I don’t miss the white T-shirt and sleeves since Roadblock’s original costume was basically a tank top. Like the other CS figures, the sculpting team added the kind of level of detail you’d expect in a 6″ figure. That includes some nice texturing and folds along the pants that really convey how pants actually fit.

Roadblock’s beard kind of throws me off as I always liked his cool goatee and the beard has felt more synonymous with Heavy Duty. I really like the musculature as it shows off his physique and conveys the visual cue of Roadblock being stronger than the average Joe.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - showing off the other gun

Some collectors HATE the armored elements like the single left kneepad and shin guards, but they honestly don’t bother me. And I appreciate that there’s some dents in them to show a little wear and tear.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - boot

Paint: Roadblock’s color scheme has a bit too much going on. For me it’s mainly with the bright red accents on the grey gloves. The red looks like blood red and the light shade of grey doesn’t complement that well.

The rest of the color combinations specifically the light green vest with the red, grey and gold accents, are fine. Roadblock has gold for a lot of his armored pieces.

I’m glad Hasbro didn’t lighten Roadblock’s skin tone up, which would have shown a Dwayne Johnson influence on the CS Roadblock. His tattoo on the left arm came out really nice as well.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - tattoo detail

Unlike Scarlett, Roadblock’s paintwork is mostly clean with just some missing paint in the grey area of the vest and some missed paint around the beard/mustache. That’s an encouraging sign that Scarlett was just a blip not indicative of the entire line.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - hanging with scarlett


Scale: Fittingly, Roadblock is the tallest of the CS Joes. I’ve always liked him being a little taller than everyone else as it contradicts his nature of a soldier more interested in cuisine than firefights.



Articulation:  With a lot of the bigger, brawnier characters, I expect some articulation compromises. That’s really not the case with Roadblock who is impressively fluid thanks to the Classified Series articulation scheme.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - ready for a fight

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - punching scourge

He’s got the butterfly shoulder joints to help with punches and really aids with posing with his main weapon. One really cool thing is Roadblock can actually grab his knife from the vest sheath.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review -pulling knife from sheath

The vest sorta restricts his movement, but the waist and torso articulation points aren’t so limited that he’s basically a block with arms and legs.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - aiming pulse gun

Overall, I was very impressed with how easy Roadblock was to pose. Thanks to the wider, thicker boots there was no problem with getting him to keep his center of balance in poses either.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - running with pulse gun

Roadblock has:

  • head
  • neck
  • shoulders (butterfly)
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • mid-torso
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips (ball-jointed)
  • drop down hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - face off with killmonger and scourge


gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - back to back with scarlett

Accessories: Roadblock doesn’t come with a ton of accessories, but he’s got the biggest in this first wave. Typically, Roadblock carries a Ma Deuce 50 Cal machine gun. In the biggest example of this new line’s more futuristic take on weaponry, Roadblock has a massive rail gun.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - holding pulse gun

That would probably be a futuristic version of the Browning. It’s got a nice metallic color with clean accent colors. My imagination is already churning in how this would be a mass release pulse gun that ordinarily take two guys to operate.


He also gets what I assume is a power pack for the rail gun and a knife. I wish the blade and hilt were different colors. The knife fits in the scabbard on his vest.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - pulling out knife

Worth It? My greed for more Joes ASP makes me wish this line had a BAF component although getting a completely original sculpt with unique accessories for $20 matches up with the value for Power Rangers and the Star Wars Black Series line.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - ready for action with scarlett

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Hasbro is 2 for 2 with me on this line with a fantastic updated take on Roadblock that does justice to the longtime fan favorite character. A few less colors and facial hair changes would have put him over the top for me.

gi joe classified series roadblock figure review - running with scarlett

Where to Get It? Roadblock seems like the easier one to get of this wave, which is starting to appear at retail. You can also order him from Amazon or Entertainment Earth, which still has him slated for a June release.