New leaked WWE Elite lineup includes new Davey Boy Smith, Street Profits, Steve Austin

We’re getting closer to what would have been San Diego Comic Con so that means more retailer list sheets are making their way into the hands of internet sleuths. In this latest round, there’s an exciting new wave of WWE Elite figures featuring some overdue modern stars and some potentially long demanded looks for a pair of legends.

According to Jordan Cassatt on Twitter, here’s what’s in store very soon.

  • Alexa Bliss
  • Angelico Dawkins
  • Bianca Belair
  • Davey Boy Smith
  • John Morrison
  • Keith Lee
  • Montez Ford
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Steve Austin

As usual, until these lines are officially confirmed by Mattel don’t take them to the bank. Given the nature of his departure back to the NFL, I question if a Gronkowski figure will actually see the light of day. And a nine-figure wave is unlikely so this is probably a combination of two or possibly figures slated for three waves.

I’m winding down modern stars that I want in figure form, but I’m definitely getting the Street Profits, Keith Lee and Bianca Belair.


Davey Boy Smith still has a lot of looks for Mattel to still tackle. There’s the short-haired/long tights Camp Cornette era, jeans Attitude Era attire, poofy hair New Generation style or British Bulldogs attire.

What really got my attention though was the lack of Stone Cold in front of Steve Austin. That’s not a definite guarantee, but a potentially intriguing opening for our first Stunning Steve Austin figure. My first priority of course is a Dangerous Alliance version — I’m not partial to the long-haired or the short-haired version so long as he’s got the robe and a TV title.

Naturally, we “should” also get a Hollywood Blondes version as well. Hopefully Mattel still has the right to Flyin Brian. I don’t know if that would be as easy a two-pack seller as Triple H & Chyna and Bret Hart & Goldberg, but I would definitely buy it.

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