Stargirl: Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite review S1 E5

There was an easier, less convoluted way to introduce the Justice Society in Stargirl. This was always going to be clunky and forced based on the decision to turn the series into a superhero version of Descendants.

Maybe that’s not the worst possible way to handle a series starring a teen hero, but it does seem to dilute what made Stargirl unique among the 90s JSA.  And the writers are having to do some silly plot convenient gymnastics to make things work. 

Nine years ago, Hourman (Lou Ferrigno, Jr.) and his wife left their son, Rick, with her brother, Matt, before heading out of town. They don’t seem to leave Blue Valley before they get attacked by Solomon Grundy and killed after colliding with a tree. In the present day, Rick (Cameron Gellman) has it really bad as Matt treats him like crap. The writers don’t need to make all of the JSA coming from these broken homes to make it easier for them to sneak off to be teen superheroes. 

stargirl - hourman and dr. mid-nite review -rick and matt

Beth continues stumbling onto falling into being a hero. She overhears Courtney and Yolanda casually discussing who should be the latest addition to the Junior JSA at school. Why is Artemis Croc disqualified though as every cool team needs a hyper intense Wolverine-style character.

Then in a random visit to Courtney’s house, the dog has Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles. Mid-Nite set up an AI with his voice, which is far more narcissistic than anything Tony Stark ever did. It’s also got full access to the apparently still operational JSA database. Who is keeping this server running a decade later? Janitor Justin? He’s clearly not the Red Bee, who gets a shout out for being an idiot with his secret identity. 


So again we have another JSA member who gets all of the skills and abilities of a hero without doing any of the work to actually become one. This is really going to be a problem when they face the original JSA-killer Injustice Society. How is that going to be a contest and who in the world could stop Grundy?  

Maybe the random guy who stops to help Pat (the mechanic) with his car while Courtney’s with him? At least Hourman’s hourglass lighting up around Rick made sense. He’s not down for signing up to join the team until Beth tells him that Grundy was responsible for his parents’ death. Well, that was easy enough.

stargirl - hourman and dr. mid-nite review - courtney and pat

Pat may have blown off Courtney’s claim that The Fiddler was a man and Irish, but the ISA apparently is down with being more diverse as Principal Bowin is legit the new Fiddler, who helps The Gambler on a mission. I’m glad that didn’t take much longer since there’s no one running around playing a fiddle in a show like this besides a bad guy. 

Although he doesn’t make that discovery, Pat does find Courtney’s secret stash of JSA gear. And that’s really his fault for showing her all that stuff in the first place. 

Next episode is titled the Justice Society so we can watch Courtney and crew play superheroes. The overall charm of the show is keeping it going, but rushing to get the team together has somewhat dulled the fun of Courtney and Pat working together. 

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW