NECA Aliens Kenner Space Marine Apone figure review

There are so many reasons why I love Aliens. One of the bigger ones is the Colonial Marines reminded me so much of GI Joe as Larry Hama wrote them in the Marvel comic book. And Sgt. Apone really came off like a live-action version of Stalker for me.

For whatever reason Al Matthews didn’t grant NECA permission to use his likeness in its outstanding Aliens line. While Apone is among the first wave of Marines who don’t survive the initial encounter with the Aliens, he was one of my favorite characters so this was disappointing. But using the loophole of Kenner’s 1992 Aliens figure line NECA had a way to get an Apone figure out to collectors.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - robotic arm detail

This Apone is based on the aborted Aliens cartoon series. Back in the 80s we had a Rambo and Robocop cartoon so Aliens getting the animated treatment wasn’t the craziest thing ever. Of the movie crew, Ripley, Hicks, Bishop, Drake, Vaszquez, Hudson and Apone received figures. So worse case, there’s a chance we get Drake that way as well.

Packaging:  This is the typical clamshell packaging we get with every NECA figure. It cuts down drastically on thefts and is minimal in size that it’s not excessively bulky. We get an updated “animated” portrait of Apone and a Kenner style layout on the back.

Likeness:  You know there was no chance NECA was going to do a half-tail job on this figure especially since the design is one that’s ripe for a modern makeover to look really amazing. The biggest beneficiary is the bio-mechanical arm, which looks incredible. This is the kind of game changing device the marines could have used fighting the xenomorphs.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - looking up

NECA sculptors really had fun with this in engineering all of the pieces to make it look as realistic as possible without being this massive attachment weighing Apone down.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - full cybernetic arm


OK, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I kinda like this design. It just looks cool — where the heck would you go to get a No Bugs shirt? Hot Topic? Again, this is my GI Joe fandom overriding good common sense as Apone features a pretty standard look for the original Joes with the straps over his chest going into the belt.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - mechanical arm close up

The lack of armor or even covering when fighting an enemy with acid blood doesn’t seem that smart, but how else could Apone show off his cool one black glove? I probably should be more offended by the hat to the back as it’s hardly military protocol, but I like the 90s rapper tribute.

While they couldn’t get a specific Matthews likeness, the hard-edged expression captures Apone nicely. I’m sure one of the big caveats of this figure was the cap couldn’t come off, but it does allow for that intricate camera and mic attachment.

I love the kneepads and boots design as well, which have a futuristic look while also having some style to them.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - boot detail

Scale:  Apone stands the same height as the other Colonial Marines. He wasn’t taller than anyone in the movie so that’s fine.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - with frost, hicks, bishop, vasquez and hudson

Paint:  I don’t have a ton of NECA figures, but paint issues are something that hasn’t been a problem with any purchase so far. The clean paint lines are impressive here with no bleeding on the yellow shirt, the appropriate amount of rust and wear and the mechanical arm and buckles. This is outstanding paint work at this scale.


Articulation:  The NECA Aliens figures have a great amount of articulation although I wish they would throw in the bicep articulation.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - with vasquez and ripley

That would be handy when blasting away at xenomorphs and allow for some more dynamic poses.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - ready for battle with hicks, vasquez, frost and hudson

Apone has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - apone defending marines retreat

Accessories:  Apone comes with an updated pulse rifle/blaster, two knives and two grenade-like devices along with some bendable attachments to make them nunchuks. That doesn’t seem safe.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - pineapple grenades attached

I like the blaster as well as it gives Apone a little extra firepower and looks different than the standard movie figures.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - holding blaster

Just to be extra awesome, NECA includes the Dark Horse comic that re-imagines the events of Aliens namely the Marines make it out alive to battle the Aliens again.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - blaster strapped to the back

Worth it?  I got Apone for $20 thanks to a sale. He regularly goes for $20, which is more than a Marvel Legends figure with no BAF part, but the extra height and dedicated sculpting makes up for it.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

This was a clever and creative way for NECA to get collectors a Sgt. Apone figure. The missing bicep articulation is surprising, but otherwise this is a very welcome addition to the Colonial Marines.

neca aliens sgt apone figure review - sizing up the marines

Where to get it?  I got Apone at Third Eye Comics since my area Target stores are pretty awful about having NECA product in stock. You can also go the Amazon route as well.