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GI Joe Classified Series file card system hints at future reveals

Oh man, was Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified Series page a tremendously useful way to spend some time today. It’s clear that Hasbro was putting in a lot of work on the line behind the scenes. While I still wish these great file cards were actually included with the respective figures the write-ups would make Larry Hama proud.

As I’ve tried to decipher the skills on the side packaging, the site also fully explains those skills along with a ton that don’t fit any revealed character…for now. This was a pretty exhaustive list of specialties, but Hasbro broke it down further with essential skill focus areas where one Joe/Cobra is better than others at something.

Because I’m a crazy Joe fan, I decided to spend a little time guessing which character best fit the respective skill sets. Some are obvious based on old Joes, but don’t discount the idea that Hasbro will introduce new Joes for the line as well. Here’s some of my best guesses.

Animal HandlingCharacters with the ANIMAL HANDLING icon train and use animals in combat and support roles. — OK, this one is clearly Mutt with Junkyard, right? He basically created this position on the Joe team back in 84.

Arctic CombatCharacters with the ARCTIC COMBAT icon are masters of fighting in freezing, snowy environments. — C’mon, if this isn’t Snow-Job, who else fits the bill? Iceberg? Frostbite?

CommunicationsCharacters with the COMMUNICATIONS icon install and operate technology to keep the flow of vital data moving to the right places. — As an old school Joe fan, I’m pulling for Breaker even if Dial-Tone had a cooler costume.


Computer TechnologyCharacters with the COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY icon design, build, and operate computers and networks. – This sounds like Mainframe. And in a more digital world, Mainframe suddenly becomes a more important Joe than he was back in 1986.

Environment Specialist: WaterCharacters with the ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST: WATER icon have training and experience for missions on and in the water. –– I’m thinking this one is Shipwreck, largely because of the next category.

Underwater CombatCharacters with the UNDERWATER COMBAT icon are masters of fighting in the depths of seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers. This seems like the slot for Torpedo…or possibly Wet-Suit.

Check out the full list and see what you can come up with on the figure front.

Photo Credit: Hasbro