Marvel Legends Winter Soldier figure review – BAF Crimson Dynamo wave

I’m looking how the Black Widow wave has largely been used to fill in some badly needed updates from some of Hasbro’s earlier Marvel Legends figures. The earlier Winter Soldier has been a figure who looks relatively cool on the shelf, but doesn’t quite match up with the newer figures. As his MCU profile has increased, I’ve wanted a better comic book version for awhile. Thankfully the wait is now over. Let’s see if this one needs to get put back on ice.

Packaging: I really like the set up of the Black Widow wave packaging with the black and red color scheme paired with the Steranko inspired side art with the Marvel logos on the white background against the sharp colors for the character.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - package bio

The bio references Bucky’s earlier allegiance issues, which was a nice touch.

Likeness: I’ve almost gotten so accustomed to Sebastian Stan’s version of Winter Soldier so it was kinda funny how I wanted to ding the likeness for not being a photo realistic sculpt. Once I remembered this is a comic book version, it was another home run.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - raising up guns

I like that the sculpt as it offers for a stern, focused expression while giving us enough a blank stare that he could be under someone’s control. The hair has a good flow and has just enough movement that it doesn’t look flat. Thankfully the domino mask is sculpted and not just painted.

As always the most unique element of the outfit is the metallic arm. I don’t think this is reused from other figures, which was smart since the torso is bigger and a arm meant for the smaller body would look silly.


The great irony of course is that Winter Soldier doesn’t use the Bucky Cap mold. He’s using a wider body with a thicker torso and legs. I’m pretty sure he’s using the Killmonger/Netflix Punisher mold with a new chest piece overlay. Bucky’s right wrist looks very tiny thanks to the absence of a watch or something around the cuff like the left wrist.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - head paint job

Paint:  There’s some random brush marks on Winter Soldier’s face, but the minor details came out fine including the star on the metal arm. Maybe a black wash would help dirty up the arm some like the first Hasbro Winter Soldier, but it doesn’t look bad.

I appreciate the two-tone nature of the blue from the torso and pants. The pants are darker and match the gloves.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - scale with captain america and iron man

Scale:  Bucky isn’t short and he’s basically the same height as the Marvel 80th Captain America figure. This works since he had the physical stature to fill in for Steve Rogers and shouldn’t look noticeably smaller next to him.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - facing captain america and iron man

Articulation: Winter Soldier is more of a weapons, range fighter. He’s able to hit all of the required poses to fight off Hydra and aim from a distance.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - vs crossbones

His legs are stiffer than some other figures, but they hold poses very well.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - kicking crossbones

Winter Soldier has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

Accessories:  Winter Soldier doesn’t come with a massive arsenal, but he has enough to get the job done in taking out random Hydra agents. He’s got a pistol and a machine gun. They’re cast in a black plastic and look better than the more toy-ish light grey.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - drawing both guns

I kinda wish he had an alternate head sculpt with the mask covering his eyes, nose and mouth for an alternate on the domino mask.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - holding up machine gun

Additionally, he comes with the head of the Build-A-Figure Crimson Dynamo.

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - accessories on tray

Worth it?  Winter Soldier looks like he’s going to be the most in demand figure for this wave. I got him by stalking Amazon and Hasbro Pulse for $20. Along with The Winter Soldier, he’s one of the more in demand figures from this wave so don’t wait too long in grabbing him.

Rating: 9 out of 10

marvel legends the winter soldier figure review - charging into battle with captain america

Where to get it?  Winter Soldier has been a regular on Amazon, Hasbro Pulse and (theoretically) at stores like Target and Wal-Mart now…if your area stores have worried about stocking figures these days. To avoid any funny stuff you might be better off just going the online route at Amazon, Target or Entertainment Earth.