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Keaton flies the vulture nest to return as Batman?

I’ve got the ideal title for Michael Keaton’s autobiography: Wings – From Batman to Birdman to Vulture and Back Again. No? Alright, I’ll keep my day job.

DC looks to have some excitement building in its film universe again. A hot rumor flying around from reputable sources like Variety and Collider report that Keaton is in talks to once again play the role of Bruce Wayne in The Flash standalone film.

Standalone is a very loose term in this instance as The Flash film seems like it will be an adaptation of Flashpoint. Ray Fisher is all but assured to be back playing Cyborg and there are reports that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be playing the Thomas Wayne version of Batman seen in Flashpoint.


This raises some interesting questions about Keaton’s potential role. In Flashpoint, Barry Allen saw a very different DC universe where Cyborg was one of the main heroes and Bruce Wayne was shot and killed in an alley instead of his father, who was now operating as Batman. When the storyline ends, Barry is in a drastically altered DC Universe that he doesn’t realize has been changed. But, he’s working alongside a similarly aged Bruce Wayne, not one who seemingly operated decades earlier.

Having a Keaton Batman operating in the same universe as Robert Pattinson’s Batman sounds incredibly complicated so in other words a very DC-like move. Still, I like the idea of a multiverse in the DC film universe provided the main continuity gets sorted out in a sensible manner.

What do you think of this idea of Keaton’s Batman returning? Yes, that was a play on words.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.