Ryan Reynolds takes over and ruins X-Men cast reunion

Sure the later films provided some decent competition, but the undisputed champion of worst X-Man film still is held securely by X-Men: Origins Wolverine. If nothing else came out of that abomination it was a teaser of how great Ryan Reynolds would be as Deadpool. Not that the version in Origins was anything close to The Merc With a Mouth in the final act.

One of the cooler aspects of this self quaranting — for some of us at least — has been the plethora of cast reunions. From Lord of the Rings to Goonies, Back to the Future, etc. there have been some really fun gatherings. But Reynolds and some of his X-Men “co-stars” managed to top the other reunions with this funny bit.

Reynolds wasn’t joking about the convoluted X-Men movie continuity. Honestly, I’ve never seen a series have such an ideal turning point to make the franchise special again and completely bomb it following the very enjoyable X-Men: Days of Future Past. X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix are best left forgotten save for that amazing train sequence in the latter.


With very little news on the X-Men front even before the quarantine it was nice to see the X-Men crew again if only for a moment.

What do you hope to see when the X-Men make their Marvel Studios debut?

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox