Black Lightning: The Book of the Apocalypse – Chapter One: The Alpha review S2 E15

Everything is starting to come to a head as Black Lightning nears its season finale. Tobias is sending the Masters of Disaster out to do his dirty work while Lala is gunning for him. Anissa makes a key discovery about Grace and Jeff struggles with watching Jenn grow up. The Book of the Apocalypse chapter got off to a strong start in one of the better episodes this season.

Jeff attempted to lay down three rules if this partnership with the girls was going to become official. It was a nice thought and Jeff actually didn’t let them just run over him this time even going so far as telling Anissa she can run around in a hoodie, but he’ll have Gambi lock up her costume. Like I said, a nice thought, but by the end of the episode, both Anissa and Jenn were already testing/breaking the rules.

For Anissa that simply meant violating Rule #2: not telling anyone about their identity. After talking things out with Jenn, Anissa realized that shapeshifter with the changed eyes was Grace, who was afraid Anissa wouldn’t accept her if she knew Grace had powers. Yeah, but what about that cow carcass? Jeff’s rule is fair here given that once one identity is outed it exposes the rest of the family. 

black lightning the book of the apocalypse chapter one the alpha review - jennifer and anissa

Jenn has more of any issue with Rule No. 3 — thou shalt not kill, especially one T. Whale. This leads to the classic hero debate of whether letting murders abuse a corrupted justice system makes more sense than killing them to prevent further harm. Jeff doesn’t have a great argument here and in Tobias’ case, Jenn probably is right. 

And speaking of the No. 1 killer, Tobias releases more of the killer metas in his control: Coldsnap, Heatstroke and New Wave. I’m realizing the show probably isn’t going to spring for costumes for the Masters of Disaster, huh? Ah well, at least we got a pretty solid fight with Black Lightning (with an assist from Thunder) and Heat Stroke. 


Gambi tells Jeff about a possible lead concerning Todd’s death. Jeff kind of blows it off like every day someone gets killed in Freeland. That is the truth. RIP Cape Guy!

While on his rampage, Heatstroke killed the City Councilman that Tobias blackmailed. Why would anyone partner with Tobias at this point? His loyalty stats are negative 1,000 at this point as he kills everyone once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

And in what instance is having a City Councilman in your back pocket a bad thing? Dr. Jace doesn’t seem to care and wants to cozy up to Tobias and take Giselle’s spot as his right-hand woman (and potentially lover?). I loved how disgusted the MOD and Jace were while they watched Giselle and Tobias make out in front of them.

black lightning the book of the apocalypse chapter one the alpha review - giselle and tobias 

After a pep talk from Lazarus Prime, Lala goes after Tobias and finds Cutter. Seeing her poisoned blades  have no effect on a walking dead man, Giselle warns Tobias they’ve got to go. Lala gets the episode’s best line when he tells Giselle ‘death is knocking, but ain’t nobody home.’ Random: why has the show not used BBD’s Poison as Giselle’s theme song? I mean, it is right there, isn’t it? instead. Lala moves in horror movie villain speed allowing Tobias and Lala to drive off, but not before Jenn nearly catches them and has another debilitating flare up.

This episode wraps with those three little words that promise things are about to get even more interesting “To Be Continued.” I don’t think Jeff is going to be very happy with Jenn and it seems like Tobias is about due for a reckoning from somebody. He’s clearly made enough enemies. 

black lightning the book of the apocalypse chapter one the alpha review - lala

All in all, not a bad penultimate episode and it’s one that definitely has me excited for the season finale. 

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW