NECA Aliens Bomber Jacket Ellen Ripley figure review

When NECA revealed they were making a second version of Ripley from Aliens, I didn’t even flinch. This was absolutely going to join my collection. And this new Ripley Bomber Jacket figure gives me an excuse reason to get the Power Loader for my original Aliens Ripley.

I’ve said many times that Ripley is one of my favorite movie characters to the point I even like Aliens Resurrection. Aliens of course is the highlight if Ripley’s cinematic run as she had to lead the remaining Colonial Marines to survival on a planet overrun by xenomorphs.

The first Aliens Ripley was basically a final battle look while the Bomber Jacket was the look Ripley sported for most of the film so it was an easy pick-up for me. Let’s see how the figure turned out.

Packaging: NECA never does too much with its packaging. It’s simple and basic while requiring your finest heavy-duty scissors to crack through the clamshell. I like the streamlined presentation though as it shows off the figure and accessories well without any extra fuss.

Likeness:  The figure is about 60 percent reuse with the new sculpting for Bomber Jacket Ripley being…the bomber jacket and torso. That’s fine as the Sigourney Weaver headsculpt of the initial figure was perfect.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - hands on hips

It captures Ripley’s quiet confidence while being versatile enough for action heavy poses. The jumpsuit has a lot of detail with an appropriate amount of folds, creases and zippers. I love the work put into Ripley’s shoes, which still look like something people would rock now.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - gun at the ready

As for the new addition, the bomber jacket looks good. It’s a subtle touch, but it breaks up the plain light blue jumpsuit perfectly as well as inspiring (probably) Jim Lee for his Rogue and Cyclops designs. I love how NECA sculptors got that natural pushed up sleeve look just how it would appear with real leather.


Scale: There’s no difference in the scale from the previous figure, which makes sense. Ripley shouldn’t change height because she’s wearing a jacket.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - scale with hicks, bishop and vasquez

Paint:  Ripley’s jumpsuit doesn’t have the grime and smears it will have later and I like this pristine visual. It further helps it stand out from the final battle version, which is covered in dirt and stains.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - with first neca ripley

The paintwork is strong throughout with lighter shades of brown on the jacket trim and gold buttons painted without slop.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - yelling at hudson

Articulation:  Although the crotch has a slight diaper appearance it’s very useful for posing Ripley. The elbows have a great amount of range and the knees are flexible for solid action stances.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - back to back with hicks

Bomber Jacket Ripley has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - raising rifle

Accessories:  Ripley comes with the standard edition Colonial Marines pulse rifle with blast attachment. I always appreciate those as it adds a nice in-action element to battle dioramas.

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - with accessories

Worth it? I got Ripley for $25. Given the size, articulation and license costs that doesn’t seem like a bad price for a not quite mass-market figure.


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

neca aliens ripley bomber jacket figure review - ready for action with hicks

Where to get it? Depending on how quality your comic book shop, I’d check there first. Otherwise, you can always grab Ripley on