WWE Elite 69 Bobby Lashley figure review

Bobby Lashley quickly became one of my favorites during the Ruthless Aggression era. He seemed poised to be the next big player in the WWE after his WrestleMania match against Umaga featuring Mr. McMahon and Mr. Impeachable, but his career stalled out.

After a strong run in TNA/Impact, Lashley returned to the WWE and has had a solid run a high-tier midcard guy. His return allowed Mattel to finally make a Bobby Lashley figure in the figure line with Elite 69. Let’s see if this figure is almighty as well.

Packaging:  With so many lines going with a black and accent color set up, Mattel’s use of white and a red accent was a smart move. It really helps to make the figure stand out.

Lashley has a cool portrait on the side and I appreciate the size of these as it makes it easier to see on higher pegs. The back stat layout and bio are well done for a short amount of space.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - package bio

I appreciate Mattel posing the figure close to his signature pose as well.

Likeness:  I’m not sure if I would have gone with the slight smile for Lashley. Sure it fits when he’s in cocky heel mode, but the stern expression would have made more sense.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - wide shot

That’s my big takeaway complaint here as otherwise they did a solid job on him. Lashley has almost a balloon like physique that could warrant a unique sculpt, but Mattel went with the best available body parts for him.

Due to the nature of his attire not drastically changing over the years, you could easily fudge this as a Ruthless Aggression era Lashley as well.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - scale with samoa joe, mvp and bobby roode

Scale:  Lashley is 6’3” putting him an inch taller than the 6’2” Samoa Joe and looking up at the 6’8” Braun Strowman. He should be the same height as Roman Reigns, but Mattel likes to size The Big Dawg up for some reason.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - facing samoa joe, mvp and booby roode

Paint:  Lashley actually has a little paint added to what could be a basic outfit. Mattel went with white and black wristbands. The linework there is pretty impressive even though there should be more black and the white should look more like a trim.

I liked the the quality of the logo on his tights. From certain angles you can spot the paint on the face is not perfectly lined up. You’d have to get up pretty close to notice it, but it isn’t spot on.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - snake eyes to bobby roode

Articulation:  As a big brawler specializing in power moves the Elite articulation model is fine for Lashley. Mattel did give him the leg sleeves, which always makes movement a little tricky.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - throwing spinebuster to bobby roode

Bobby Lashley has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - press slam to seth rollins

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - spear to samoa joe

Accessories:  Mattel did a solid job of including all of Lashley’s essential accessories while included some additional pieces that will be fun to incorporate as well.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - accessories in tray

First up is a pair of swappable hands with Lashley’s trademark one finger victory pose. He also comes with his vest — a basic plastic one, which is accurate and fine — and headband. For an alternate look, Mattel included his baseball hat. Of course he’s got his headband as well.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - with hat and mvp

The bonus pieces are a sledgehammer, which is always useful and a tire. That’s a useful accessory for a workout warrior like Lashley.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - wearing jacket

Worth it?  I got Lashley for $16. That’s a more than fair price for this line and arguably the best price point.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - swinging sledgehammer on tire

Rating: 10 out of 10

I’m not shocked WWE is wasting Lashley, but I’m thrilled he stuck around long enough to get a figure so I could match him up with fellow TNA alumni like Eric Young, Robert Roode and MVP.

wwe elite 69 bobby lashley figure review - main pic

Where to get it?  Stalk Wal-Marts for this wave as they seem to have them in stock all over now based on multiple stores in my area having them. You can also grab him from Amazon.com without any trouble.