Image Comics reviews 7/8/20 – Bitter Root #9, Stealth #3, Excellence #8

Bitter Root #9

Each issue of Bitter Root feels like a layered, non-stop family adventure. It’s a mix of a family reunion filled with a mix of personalities and opinions with no one being particularly bashful about sharing them.

This issue finds the family split and dealing with Jinoo on multiple fronts. Grandma Sangrye is astonished at a new breed of Jinoo popping up in Harlem while in Georgia, Ford, Berg, Nora, Cullen and Johnnie-Ray battle an impressive horde of Jinoo as Sylvester attempts to escape from Adro and Blink faces a massive Jinoo in Chinatown.

bitter root #9 interior

The scope of this issue is incredible and makes the threat of Adro that much more imposing. Writers David F. Walker and Chuck Brown have a terrific flow with the family squabbling and mixing of the younger and older generations.

Artist Sanford Greene‘s creativity is amazing to witness from his various nightmarish takes on the Jinoo and the ease of conveying the personalities of the Sangryes. Sofie Dodgson continues to weave magic with her color palette filled with warm reds, blues, oranges and purple hues. Letterer Clayton Cowles gives the Jinoo a distinct style to further convey their demonic appearance.

Bitter Root remains a ton of fun and this arc is rolling with strong pacing, character development and gorgeous art.

Rating: 10 out of 10