Image Comics reviews 7/8/20 – Bitter Root #9, Stealth #3, Excellence #8

Excellence #8

excellence #8 interior

Excellence has never shied away from exploring race in its magic-theme premise. This issue felt particularly timely and a more pointed response to the continued social injustice. Spencer’s plans get temporarily interrupted by a summons for a review by Mr. Hill, who might not be the insidious puppet Spencer envisioned. 

Meanwhile, The Ancestry assembles to devise a scheme to put Spencer in “his place.” This conversation is unsettling in the sense of how familiar it feels in the frames of the current Black Lives Matter movement and its bizarre opposition. Writer Brandon Thomas is touching on some sensitive topics in both the Hill/Spencer conversation and the gathered Ancestry. There’s some interesting members of this group including one reality show host golf loving casino owner standing next to some very fine people in a terrific visual gag from artist Khary Randolph. 

Randolph’s electric pencils always give this constant sense of movement, which is very impressive in a mostly dialogue heavy issue. Emilio Lopez’s colors are vibrant and pop thanks to some interesting combinations. 

I’m enjoying where Excellence is headed as it seems like the creative team is even more inspired by today’s events to shape their magical world of tomorrow. 

Rating: 10 out of 10