Image Comics reviews 7/8/20 – Bitter Root #9, Stealth #3, Excellence #8


Stealth #3

Stealth’s unusual premise really make it a fascinating look at how the desire to help others can stay ingrained in the core of a person even as they’re slowly losing their mind.

After Death Hand orders a surgical strike on doctors renowned for their work with Alzheimer’s patients, Stealth realizes he has to get back in action. But even if he remembers where his son, Tony, placed his super suit, how can he retrieve it in time to actually help save future victims.

stealth #3 interior

Writer Mike Costa does an impressive job of showcasing the real impact learning his father is a superhero would have on a son. Tony isn’t a bad guy and is simply a concerned son. Had Stealth not attacked the police maybe letting him spend the rest of his years where he’s able to function wouldn’t be so bad? It’s an interesting dilemma made even more pressing with Death Hand gunning for revenge.

Nate Bellegarde’s art doesn’t have to be especially flashy or detailed as the key here is his rock solid storytelling. His panels convey the pain of losing one’s memory and the anguish that comes with being a caretaker for a parent who forgets your age.

Stealth really came out of nowhere to provide a thought-provoking look at being a hero whether in a metal armored suit or caring for parent.

Rating: 9 out of 10