DC Comics reviews 7/14/20 – Dark Nights Death Metal #2, Strange Adventures #3

Strange Adventures #3

Strange Adventures #3 continues the slow burn of the truth of Adam Strange’s potential crimes and his investigation by the Justice League.

Writer Tom King doesn’t offer much in terms of storytelling advancement. We’re shown Adam and Alanna greatly disturbed about their encounter with Mr. Terrific and a flashback to Adam fighting in a gladiator style battle.

It’ll be interesting to revisit this when it’s completed to see how many subtle clues King dropped along the way.

It was fun seeing Adam partner up with two of his closest superhero allies in Superman and Hawkman this issue to remind readers that Adam has strong ties to other heroes.

Mitch Gerads handles their present day story, which strips away some of the heroic ideals — Alanna sure does smoke a lot — and the color choices of bright to dark are very interesting.

Evan Shaner takes the flashbacks, which are more visually subdued this issue with more muted colors right up until the payoff suggesting not everything is as pleasant as Adam and Alanna started.
It’s too early in the series’ run to start expecting answers and King is doing a solid job of building the mystery.

Rating: 9 out of 10