DC Comics reviews 7/21/20 – Batman #95, Justice League Dark #24

Shazam #13

shazam #13

It’s disappointing that Shazam could never get a regular release schedule. When it was own, like this issue, it legitimately was one of DC’s better titles. But there’s a consequence to missing consecutive release months and readers seemed to lose interest. For those who have stayed on, this is a great payoff to the previous 12 issues while building to a future that will hopefully be expanded on in some manner after this title’s cancellation in two more issues.

Writer Geoff Johns explains how Mr. Mind and Dr. Sivana used Billy’s father as their pawn to fool Billy into sharing his power. With that gift, their new Monster Society of Evil is now unleashed on the Marvel Family and the full scope of their plan is revealed. Johns has always done a great job of making the payoff meaningful to his lengthy arcs. That’s definitely true here as well as he juggles the various Marvel Family members and the new MSOE members. Hopefully this won’t be the only time they come around.

Dale Eaglesham’s art is outstanding giving tremendous scope to the size of the Monster Society’s giants while providing charming expressive takes on the Marvel Family. Michael Atiyeh’s colors pop as well adding that extra visual pop.

This issue was a reminder of how great this title could be. Maybe the set end point has refocused Johns?

Either way this issue makes the strong case for grabbing the collected edition of this story.

Rating: 10 out of 10