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SDCC’20: Mattel reveals WWE Hollywood Blonde Stunning Steve, British Bulldogs era Davey Boy Smith

It was an unusual Mattel WWE San Diego Comic Con panel, but there was still a ton of stuff that’s immediately getting added to my must-get list including tag team versions of Davey Boy Smith, Brutus Beefcake and Stunning Steve Austin; some key additions to the Legends line and Ultimate Edition line.



Fan Takeover Walmart exclusive

sdcc 2020 wwe - fan choice seth rollins, shayna bayzler, ricky steamboat and adam cole

Seth Rollins WM 35

Ricky Steamboat — still with a headband (sigh)

Shayna Bayzler

Adam Cole

Wave 2

WWE nWo X-Pac

An anniversary edition Undertaker is coming exclusive to Wal-Mart.

sdcc 2020 wwe - anniversary the undertaker

wwe elite 79 the undertaker wal-mart figure -close up

Bray Wyatt gets a Firefly Fun House figure with puppets exclusive to Ringside Collectibles.

sdcc 2020 wwe - firefly fun house bray wyatt


On the flashback front, Mattel finally delivers the long overdue 1993 era Jerry The King Lawler to provide one of the biggest heels from the New Generation era.

Mae Young also gets her first figure. This is a niche figure, but I’m not sure I really need this one.

Mattel also delivered a Hollywood Blondes version of Stunning Steve Austin complete with clipboard and first ever WCW tag team title. Of course now there’s going to be a big demand for a Flyin Brian figure to match him.

sdcc 2020 wwe - hollywood blonde stunning steve and british bulldogs davey boy smith

Speaking of guys needing their partner, Mattel brings us a British Bulldogs era Davey Boy Smith complete with Matilda. This is cool and all, but man this really makes me hope Mattel can get the Dynamite Kid license.


sdcc 2020 wwe - legends 8 - jake roberts, the ultimate warrior, eddie guerrero and mr. wonderful

Series 8 (Jake the Snake, Ultimate Warrior, Eddie Guerrero and Paul Orndorff) should be up on soon.

Two versions of suited Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

sdcc 2020 wwe -ted dibiase and nikolai volkoff

There’s a face Nikolai Volkoff when he faced Sgt. Slaughter and sided with America.

Dream Team Brutus Beefcake (!) with silver WWF tag team title and a chase. Geesh, now I want a Dynamite Kid even more now.

Invasion-era DDP

The next two pack is from WrestleMania 2 featuring the boxing match between Mr. T and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

sdcc 2020 wwe - mr. t vs rowdy roddy piper

Wrestlemania wave

sdcc 2020 wwe - chyna, shawn michaels, edge and goldberg

Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 9)

Edge (WrestleMania 22)

Chyna (WrestleMania X17)

Goldberg (WrestleMania 34)

These four figures also include parts for the Build-A-Figure Paul Ellering. Well, I’m sold and he even comes with a Rocko dummy too.

sdcc 2020 wwe - paul ellering

WrestleMania carts come with either Andre the Giant or Macho Man Randy Savage. That’s really cool!

sdcc 2020 wwe - wrestlemania carts andre the giant and macho man

Ultimate Editions

Ultimate Edition The Fiend

sdcc 2020 wwe - ultimate the fiend


sdcc 2020 wwe - ultimate edition charlotte flair

The Rock, available now on Amazon for pre-order.

sdcc 2020 wwe - ultimate edition the rock

Macho Man with shirt and entrance coat. This looks to be the (pardon the pun) ultimate version of Macho Man in this attire since we can get the full look with the jacket and top.

sdcc 2020 wwe - macho man

Modern Edge. I still might get this one since I think I’ve got a Rated R headsculpt that I can swap out with this one.

sdcc 2020 wwe - ultimate edge

Hollywood Hogan

sdcc 2020 wwe - ultimate edition hollywood hogan

And here’s the latest batch of Masters of the Universe crossover figures.

sdcc 2020 wwe - masters of the universe wave 6

Photo Credit: Mattel