SDCC’20: McFarlane Toys reveals comic Joker, Flash, animated Cyborg

McFarlane Toys is covering a slew of DC figures and today’s reveals were definitely encouraging for folks wanting more than Batman and Superman variants.

Along with the recently revealed two-packs, we’re also getting a pretty decent variety of single pack figures.

The Joker is based on his DC Rebirth appearance.

mcfarlane toys azrael and joker

The Flash is a modern look from his New 52 appearance with the busier than needed lightning lines.

Azreal continues the Batman: White Knight series and Cyborg marks the first foray into the Teen Titans animated series. It’ll be interesting if McFarlane Toys goes further with Teen Titans than they did Justice League with three figures and no additional releases in sight.

mcfarlane toys - flash and cyborg

Keep your eyes open – another wave is coming out Fall 2020.⁠⠀
Look out for The Joker™️ based on the DC Rebirth comic books, Azrael™️ in Batman Armor figure based on the hit comic book series, BATMAN™️: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT, Cyborg™️ from the Teen Titans animated series, and The Flash™️

This Flash head sculpt is more of what I was hoping for in the two-pack version so I’m definitely happy about this one.

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys