SDCC’20: McFarlane Toys reveals Flash, Red Hood, Deathstroke figures

Hey, we got some figures from McFarlane Toys that aren’t Batman or Superman! Hooray.

Sarcasm aside, it’s nice to see some other figures get a turn in the spotlight. McFarlane Toys is dabbling into two-pack territory with the Red Death vs. The Flash and Nightwing vs. Red Hood packs.

McFarlane Toys red hood vs nightwing

The Nightwing figure is a New 52 version with the red logo. I’ve always thought this was a cool alternate look for Grayson so I’m glad this is getting done especially since I still haven’t grabbed the original McT Nightwing figure. Red Hood looks good and instantly makes me not regret skipping the DC Essentials figure. This set will be coming out Oct/Nov.

McFarlane Toys flash vs the red death

Flash is the real winner of these reveals for me even with his less than calm head sculpt. Red Death also looks great. Flash’s set is an Amazon exclusive.

McFarlane Toys arkham asylum batman vs deathstroke

Finally, there’s an Arkham Origins Batman vs. Deathstroke the Terminator set set for this fall.

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys