SDCC’20: WWE Reveals Day 2: Rocky Johnson, Viking Raiders, Keith Lee

After a big showing yesterday, Mattel still held off a few reveals for Day 2 of its Virtual San Diego Comic Con for its WWE line.

sdcc2020 - wwe elite rocky johnson close up

Rocky Johnson’s sculpt is great, but like way too many Ron Simmons figures, the skin tone is way too dark. Johnson should be the same shade as The Rock’s figures and it’s a very disappointing mistake considering we’re not likely to get another Rocky Johnson figure. He’s the Elite 80 figure exclusive to Target.

sdcc2020 - wwe elite rocky johnson

Kyle O’Reilly gets a chase although I’m not sure if the camo matching the impossible to find Roderick Strong is the standard version. Hopefully at some point Mattel finds another way to release Strong.


The Viking Raiders also get their Elite debuts and they look great. I’m digging being able to continue building a mini-ROH in figure form.

Kevin Owens also gets a needed update.

On the rendering level we got our first look at current NXT champion Keith Lee, which looks great assuming there’s no skin tone issues with the final product.

sdcc2020 - wwe elite keith lee

Also a new John Morrison is coming.

sdcc2020 - wwe elite john morrison

I can’t believe this is actually coming, but Mattel is releasing a Rob Gronkowski figure. I’m not normally one of those “waste of a slot” guys, but Gronk really didn’t do enough to warrant a figure for his brief stint in WWE.

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