WWE Basic 111 and Fan TakeOver 2 series figures revealed

I’m not sure how long SDCC is supposed to run, but WWE.com shared a new batch of WWE figures so I won’t complain. This time it’s Basic Series 111 and some renderings of the Fan TakeOver Series 2.

Basic 111

Bray Wyatt

wwe basic series 111 - bray wyatt main

Erik Rowan

wwe basic series 111 - erik rowan close up

Jeff Hardy

wwe basic series 111 - jeff hardy close up

Kevin Owens

wwe basic series 111 - kevin owens close up

Nikki Cross

wwe basic series 111 - nikki cross close up

Cross also gets a chase figure this wave.


Fan TakeOver 2


wwe fan takeover 2 - christian

Johnny Gargano

wwe fan takeover 2 -johnny gargano

I love this Wolverine-inspired attire. Now if only Mattel can figure out a better way to do Johnny’s shin guards…

Randy Orton

wwe fan takeover 2 - randy orton

That head looks a little weird, but I’m down for an Evolution era Orton.


wwe fan takeover 2 - nWo Xpac

I’m disappointed with the X-Pac choice as I would have preferred to have gotten another 1-2-3 Kid. At least now the WrestleMania nWo Scott Hall has someone else to hang out with on the display.

Photo Credit: Mattel