DC Comics reviews 7/28/20 – Batman/Superman #10, Wonder Woman #759

Batman Superman #10

batman superman #10

Batman Superman is such a smooth read. It’s not shaking up the DCU as we know it and writer Joshua Williamson knows exactly how to play up the differences and similarities of his two leads. It’s what makes me most excited about his stint on Justice League even if it’s just for the Death Metal crossover.

In this issue, Batman and Superman learn Ultra Humanite was behind Atomic Skull’s murder and detonation in Gotham. And how it was all a ploy to lure them to his latest trap. Ultra Humanite is an underrated DC villain who rarely gets his due so it’s fun to see him in this new spotlight. Williamson mentioned UH was last spotted with the Secret Society and if he does plan on staying on Justice League long-term that would definitely make for a great team to pit against the JL.

Artist Clayton Henry tends to draw Superman’s head too slim, but otherwise his work is fantastic. He’s quietly becoming one of the better DC artists to not have a regular assignment. Hopefully that’s his choice and not because DC hasn’t found a good fit for him yet. Henry brings an energetic approach to his pages with a real flair for dramatic, cinema-like presentation in his panels. Alejandro Sanchez’s colors leap off the pages with their vibrancy as well.

Readers looking for a streamlined, easy to follow along title that isn’t bogged down by crossovers and trade-focused storytelling definitely need to check out Batman Superman as it keeps delivering the goods.

Rating: 9 out of 10