Stargirl: Shining Knight review S1 E11

It’s hard to avoid recency bias with superhero shows, but short of The Flash, I can’t think of another comic series that’s hard a better first season than Stargirl.

Courtney gets an unexpected guest when her father, Sam Curtis (Geoff Stults, She’s Out of My League), shows up. He was concerned after getting Barb’s email. Random time to show up… It takes a walk through Blue Valley and a breakfast for the truth to come out — Sam learned the locket Courtney had was designed by a costumer to the stars and is pretty valuable now.

After he sells it, he’ll have Courtney come out to California and stay with him at his new place. Courtney is old enough to know where this is going and since her father is a scumbag she doesn’t have any further attachment to the locket.

Brec Bassinger did a tremendous job of showing Courtney’s immense disappointment and heartbreak after learning that not only was her father not Starman, but a loser who only came back in her life to take back her childhood locket.

Good thing Pat was there to provide some much needed emotional support. That was all Barb needed to see to remind herself of the man she fell in love with back at the diner. Pat goes after Sam to warn him not to come back around and deliver a satisfying punch for all of us upset at the jerk for upending Courtney’s life again.

Stargirl has really flipped the wicked stepmother/stepfather dynamic and it’s so much better for it. Of course Courtney is going to have to tell poor Mike about her identity as he is starting to feel like he’s done something wrong. But maybe that’s not the case since Courtney can’t get her staff to work anymore. 

stargirl - shining knight review - pat, rick and beth

Janitor Justin is having some memory problems, which we learn is a result of the Injustice Society making him an early test case for Project New America. I love how the bad guys always call their major operations Projects. It makes sense that Sir Justin was going after Dragon King cause knights and dragons, but thankfully Pat is able to calm him down and help him piece together some of his memory.

Beth and Rick are confused by eight Seven Soldiers of Victory, which is becoming a fun running gag. We might not get adult members of the Justice Society, but the Seven Soldiers of Victory would also make for useful mentors and allies against the Injustice Society.

It’s also good to see Pat figure out the ISA’s plan before their evil monologue.

Brainwave breaks the news to Jordan about Courtney and Pat being Stargirl and her sidekick, but is surprised Barb is causing some hesitation for Jordan. “I killed my wife and son for Project New America, Jordan” Dude has a point.

Jordan says that the brainwashing has consequences. I’m sure they don’t care about Justin, so who else have they screwed up? Now that he’s not sharing his powers with his son anymore, Brainwave’s abilities are stronger and he can reprogram half the country now. Well, that’s not good. 

At Henry Jr’s school memorial service, Brainwave taunts Courtney. What a bastard! Courtney is already having serious doubts about being Stargirl and now she’s concerned the staff won’t respond to her any longer because it knows she’s not Starman’s daughter.

Once again Pat delivers a Joe West worthy pep talk. Superhero shows never get love from the Emmys aside from ultra serious ones like Watchmen, but Luke Wilson totally deserves a Best Supporting Acting nomination for the work he’s done this year.


With a little emotional support with Pat and Barb by her side, Courtney tries the staff again and as it lights up so does her confidence that she truly is Stargirl. Justin comes down and pronounces the queen has risen. Let’s not go that far Justin. There’s still the matter of the ISA…    

Jordan hacks Barb’s computer and learns she knows Icicle killed Starman. Uh-oh. Brainwave has a mental chat with Jordan about taking out Courtney, Pat and Barb and then leaves a final chilling (sorry) command: “The boy Mike too. Can’t leave a legacy running around.”

We’ve only get two more episodes left of this season (Boooo), but it’s pretty much a lock to make for a strong finale. Shining Knight provided yet another excellent episode where Courtney rediscovers her inner strength and prepares for the showdown with the Injustice Society. 

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW