Marvel Legends Pyro and Rogue two-pack now up for pre-order

Monday’s latest Marvel Monday didn’t disappoint with the reveal of the long overdue Pyro update and a modern Rogue two-pack.

Pyro is a really nice update from the Toy Biz figure. With Mystique, Spider-Woman and Pyro, we’ve got a few members of Freedom Force. Who will be next? Spiral and Avalance probably needs updates faster though we still haven’t gotten a Destiny figure yet. Decisions decisions.

marvel legends rogue and pyro two-pack - pyro main


I’m still pulling for a Secret Wars era Rogue from when she first joined the X-Men. This might have to do for a stand-in for a now as I assume she’s getting pushed back down the priority list especially with a somewhat similar outfit.

marvel legends rogue and pyro two-pack -rogue main

You can pre-order the two-pack now from Entertainment Earth.

Photo Credit: Hasbro