DC Comics reviews 8/4/20 – Batman #96, DCeased Dead Planet #2

DCeased Dead Planet #2

DCeased_Dead Planet #2

Clearly I’m a masochist for loving DCeased Dead Planet so much. I know every issue some terrible tragedy is going to befall characters I’ve grown invested in with this nightmarish DC zombie story yet I eagerly anticipate the carnage each month hoping for a glimmer of hope for our beleaguered heroes.

This issue, the new Justice League seeks aid for the wounded Superman from the surviving heroes. But in a world overrun with zombies there is no true sanctuary.

With Cyborg’s bombshell that a cure for the antivirus, the heroes’ mindset has changed about battling their former allies and friends. It’s why Green Lantern hasn’t killed an infected Green Arrow, but that devastates the surviving heroes who released there was a chance to save friends they killed to survive. And what role does Shadowpact play when Swamp Thing reveals another sanctuary exists in Australia?

Writer Tom Taylor knows how to craft a series with just enough breadcrumbs to keep readers on the hook. This is a series that in the wrong hands could be a downer with just one depressingly bleak issue after another. Taylor keeps that light at the end of the tunnel that things could get better despite the mass of bodies littered along the way. Make no mistake, at least three popular or beloved character gets killed in the most gruesome and shocking way possible.

Trevor Hairsine’s pencils are exactly what’s needed for the book. He brings a realistic visual that avoids feeling too gritty or overly animated. Characters move in a natural way allowing Hairsine to go more dramatic with the infected’s movements. Gigi Baldassini’s inks and Rain Beredo’s colors keep the visuals slightly washed out, which is ideal for the series.

DCeased Dead Planet continues to be a winner and one of DC’s top titles right now.

Rating: 10 out of 10